What Gear Should You Buy?

What Gear Should You Buy?

This is the question we get asked a lot. “What microphone should I buy?” “What software?” “What speakers?” “What computer.” Well, it’s time we just came out and answered the question, “What Gear Should You Buy?”

The Basics:

Well, it’s both easy and difficult to answer. First, yes, we have sponsors. And as I’ve said since the beginning, while we love our sponsors, and they are our sponsors because we love their kit, we’re never going to pitch you their stuff just because they’re supporting us. It either stacks up in the marketplace or it doesn’t. If there’s a competitive product that works better for us, then we’re going to tell you – and tell them to step up their game – or send us the gear we haven’t experienced so we can up our own list of recommended gear. So, bottom line, what’s on this list is going to be our feeling about gear regardless of sponsorship, and it’s a testament to our sponsors that they show up prominently here.

Also, how have we determined the “recommendation” of a piece of gear? Is it the “best” or the “most functional?”


We thought about why we buy equipment as independent professionals, and we honed it down to one major thing: value. And while there’s always going to be equipment that you “must own” in order to be considered “professional,” we’ve skewed this list toward actual useful and high-value stuff that will serve you most for the least amount money spent. So is there gear that’s better than the stuff on this list? Certainly. Is there stuff that’s cheaper? Definitely. But for us, the stuff that gives you the biggest bang for your buck is here. We’ve also taken into consideration the idea that this hardware/software is easy to acquire and doesn’t require you to know a friend-of-a-friend to get it from someone’s garage (as I’ve done for some of my gear more times than one).

Lastly, we’ve skewed this list toward the independent media creative. Not the audio professional or the hobbyist and certainly not the audiophile. This is for folks who need to spend the least amount of money to get the biggest results in Hollywood-level Audience Impact – without having to make audio your life (although it’s kind of fun).

The Good, Bad and Ugly

It’s certain that this list is going to make folks mad. It might even make some of our sponsors mad. But in

Adobe Audition

the end, this is our experience have done hundreds of hours in the field with this gear, and whereas we have a good enough relationship with the manufacturer to be sure that it’s supported well by them.

In the end, we’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on the matter of what’s brought you the most value for the equipment you’ve purchased – and of course what hasn’t. This is no “this is the absolute truth” list, and it will be changing throughout the weeks as more equipment pushes older members of the list out.

I hope this helps you make empowering decisions about the equipment you purchase with your hard won money.

To see the list, just click here or go to Audio Education/About Cinema Sound/Currently Recommended Gear

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