Welcome Saramonic as Cinema Sound’s Newest Sponsor!

Welcome Saramonic as Cinema Sound’s Newest Sponsor!


We’re excited to be partnering with a Saramonic as our exclusive microphone Sponsor for Cinema Sound. Who is Saramonic to the independent media creative? 

Great question.


Saramonic has actually been selling its product for several years overseas. It’s only now that they bring their treasure trove of equipment to the U.S. What struck us is their mission statement. It’s a mission statement which is as closely aligned with Cinema Sound as any equipment manufacturer we know of. What’s the Cinema Sound mission?

To support independent media creatives by helping them get their production value so high that it competes with big-budget Hollywood projects so that the masses choose independent media just as much or more than Hollywood media. We believe the most efficient way of doing this is by improving sound-for-picture and production.

Saramonic is 100% committed to this as well, and at a recent meeting we had with them at their U.S. headquarters in New York, it was emphasized to me their intent to support media creators’ business with any tips, tricks, wisdom and, of course, the highest value equipment they can. We had a conversation about wedding videographers and how Saramonic can support them to dominate their local markets as creatives. We talked about filmmakers and how Saramonic can help get their productions sold faster and avoid false economy. We talked about Youtube video producers and how Saramonic can directly support them. It was all very exciting to have a company who is committed to the end users winning in their own careers and dreams. In reality, every company should know that if your customers are winning, you’re winning, But Saramonic gets it completely.


In a sea of microphone companies and some BIG SHARKS in the water, why would a company like

Saramonic Smart Mixer

Saramonic want to dive in? To be honest, I didn’t understand it either. Talk about a brutally competitive marketplace with household names swimming about. But when we saw their product line, and realized that every product they offer does the functional equivalent or better than its competitor’s product – but for 30% less money we knew this company would dominate the market. Given their incredible product line, their mission to support our members, and that they’re really nice folks, we were sold!


They have more products in their catalog than any microphone company we know and more on-camera mic choices than squibs in Michael Bay action scene. They also have a bunch more on the way. But what really stuck out to us that we’re highlighting for you below (and which we’ll be demoing, reviewing and using for you soon):

  • Wireless Domination
    • SR-WM4C 200 MHz Wireless solution
      SR-WM4C Noise Cancelling Wireless Lav System
      • This little gem boasts an over 40 meter range (we can confirm) and companding microphone technology which reduces noise when dialog or other loud signals are being transduced. It’s going to smash anyone at the $99 level in terms of value, and it’s the cheapest and highest value method we’ve seen to get a single channel of wireless lav (or anything) at a professional level. You can use 4 independent systems at a time. So, yeah, 4 channels and lavs of wireless for $396? What!?!
    • UwMic 9 500 MHz Wireless solution
      UW Mic 9 Wireless System. 2 Transmitters into 1 Receiver!
      • In the brutal world of the evil folks at T-mobile buying up 600 MHz, Saramonic has created a wireless system at the 500 MHz level that is so good, you’ll be whipping out your credit card in moments. Check it out.
        • up to 50 mw of transmission power (compare to $800/channel Sony UWP)
        • 150 meters range (we can confirm)
        • Two transmitters and lavs received by ONE RECEIVER and analog outputs split out for independent recording (or summing if you want)
        • Excellent lavalier microphone
        • Sturdy and small size Tx/Rx equipment.
        • You can ALSO send 1 transmitter to MULTIPLE RECEIVERS for sending the sound out of your recordist’s mixer to everyone that needs to hear it on set.
        • And we’re talking for $150 less than Røde Filmmaker Kit? WHAT!?!?
    • Vmic Link5 5.8 GHz Wireless solution
      • And not to be outdone, Saramonic has a 5.8 GHz system which boasts the ability to do
        Vmic Link 5. 3 Transmitters into 1 Receiver!

        not only 2 transmitters in 1 receiver but 3!

        • 40 meter range (we can confirm)
        • super high quality audio
        • Excellent Lavalier microphones
        • Sturdy design
        • Rechargeable batteries
        • priced less than the Filmmaker Kits
    • UwMic 9 TX-XLR9
      • They have two varieties of “boom pole transmitters.” One at the 200 MHz zone and one here at the 500 MHz zone. Both
        UW Mic 9 TX XLR9

        provide that wonderful wireless boom freedom and a strong signal. The UwMic 9 version boasts all the power from it’s lav transmitter which means your boom op canbe a LONG, LONG way away, and you’ll get her signal perfectly.  They also have an on-boom recorder just in case she’s over 150 meters away.

  • Shotgun Mic Domination
    • TM-7
      • I’ve told them that they should call this thing a “rifle mic” not a shotgun. It’s SO NARROW. It sounds great, has TWO levels of low frequency cutoff, a wonderful high
        TM-7 Rifle Microphone

        frequency shelf, -10 db Pad, BATTERY POWERED, and I believe will be in every recordist’s bag in 12 months.

    • TM-1
      • Similar to the above TM-7, this little gem has a good pattern, the same functionality as a Røde NTG4+ (including the battery option), and SOUNDS EXACTLY THE SAME! It’s spooky good. But for $100 less.
  • Mobile Phone Solution Domination
    • Smart Mixer
      • You know how you wish you could get a lot of mics – or even a simple lav into your phone and have the ability to have an integrated audio solution with easy access to changing the input level, while supporting your phone-as-camera? No? You mean you didn’t think it was possible? I understand. I didn’t either. Well, your wish is their command. Enter the Smart Mixer. This thing is Dope. Every Youtuber in the world is going to have one of these for their smart phone. In fact, if you’re getting action footage and need great stereo audio with the option of quickly plugging in an XLR mic or lav for an interview and have it integrated FLAWLESSLY into your built in video app…yeah. This is it. For $150!?!?! Are you KIDDING!?
    • Lav Micro/DI
  • On Camera Mic Domination
    • VMic
      • This kind of product, as you all know, I generally frown upon for 8,000,000 reasons.
        VMic Pro

        You’re always going to get better audio with a direct audio solution. But if you’ve GOT to run around with a camera and have the audio run into that camera and be on the go, the VMic is one of two solutions I’d strongly suggest you look at. It’s got an eq curve that really captures the essence of dialog, and all the bells and whistles you want (while being very light).

    • VMic Pro
      • The Pro version of the VMic isn’t one that has more features per se (although it does), it’s a completely DIFFERENT sounding microphone. It has a far deeper and richer eq curve and is far more suited for general use (and dialog) than it’s compatriot above.
    • CA Mixer
      • This gem is exactly the same thing as the world-altering Smart Mixer only without the smart phone camera support. It’s just a kick-arse wire blender that takes two great sounding cardioid mics and the possibility of an XLR mic and blends them easily into two channel 3.5 mm TRS output and headphone output.
  • Recorders
    • Although they currently have a “boom pole wireless” kind of recorder and an on camera mic recorder, the REAL news is coming in a few months with a release of a series of recorders which will blow your minds (and sink a few more sharks).


In every one of these categories there another 20 or more products and packages to choose from. We’re also working with Saramonic on special bundles for the various disciplines to add even greater value and ease of use.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the Saramonic product line, drop what you’re doing and click there now.

They launch officially in the U.S. today, July 1st, 2018, and we can’t be more proud to be partnering saramonicwith them. Also, for those of you who are MZed Pro Members, there will be a STRONG update to the Record Volume of the Cinema Sound education where we’ll be featuring Saramonic products and adding new content there.

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