Waves Joins Cinema Sound as a Sponsor

Waves Joins Cinema Sound as a Sponsor

Cinema Sound is proud to announce its newest partnership: Waves Audio.

Many filmmakers and independent media creators don’t have experience with Waves Plugins, because they are predominantly used in the music industry. But in the world of value, their bundles of some of the most valuable plugins on the planet are in the highest rated as far as Cinema Sound is concerned.

In the coming months Mark will be demonstrating, reviewing and implementing Waves plugins in his examples to help independent creatives see them work in the real world and learn how best to put them to good use in post production. Including plugins that you might not expect would be that useful in post: tape emulation, SSL EQs, vintage compressors, guitar amp modelers and more.

MZed Pro Members get 35% off Waves Gold Bundle

But even better than this is the application of a 35% discount for the Waves Gold Bundle for MZed Pro Members which includes an incredible assortment of what independent filmmakers and creatives need to get great sounding post production. What’s in the Gold bundle? Well, first and most important:

Waves Gold has so many amazing plugins for filmmakers


We talk about this extensively in the MZed Pro Member Education as the preeminent plugin for easily creating perfect (and crazy) doppler effects on any sound (even music!).

Then the killer “C” series dynamics processors.

The Smooth Renaissance plugin series

All the super useful modulation and stereo enhancement plugins

Amazing sounding algorithmic and convolution reverbs

Killer plugins for internet delivery

and of course… the grandaddy EQ for Dialog Basic Grading: Q10.

Become an MZed Pro Member today and get up to $75 off the Gold Package!

We’re excited to have Waves Audio onboard, because filmmakers need these tools to get the Hollywood Edge we’re constantly talking about…and now with 35% off, these mandatory tools are available and even more affordable.

If there’s a plugin from Waves you’d like a tutorial on, please let us know in the threads below!

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Waves Gold has plugins which are amazing for Post which might seem so at first glance.


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