The Tyranny of T-Mobile: Get Out of 600 Mhz Now!

The Tyranny of T-Mobile: Get Out of 600 Mhz Now!

There Goes the Neighborhood: the T-Mob has moved in…and they’re taking over. I’ve been screaming at you all about the coming wireless apocalypse: where the $42 billion buyout will happen and all of your expensive gear will be useless. That day has arrived, and it’s beginning with T-Mobile. Well nearly.

A lot of big mic manufacturers like Sennheiser are offering buy-back opportunities if you’ve got one of the

There Goes The Neighborhood: The T-Mob has Moved In

affected wireless systems which is super cool. But mainly, folks, if you’re in that zone, you’re FUBAR. I’m sorry. And like I’ve said for several years, getting out of that equipment altogether while it still has value is CRITICAL if you’re going to get any return…and ability to get into something else. I’ve talked about the Røde Filmmaker/NewsShooter kits, and Samson has the Go Mic Mobile system now. There are lots of options, but you’ve got to get out of your hundreds-of-megahertz gear ASAP, because if you don’t you’ll be looking at stiff penalties and even jail-time. That’s right: jail time.

In this month’s Pro Sound NAMM update T-Mobile is quoted as saying:

“…anyone who has equipment that operates in the 600 MHz band or in the duplex gap, but that has more than 20 mW of output power may no longer use it…”

“It’s important to get the word out that wireless mic users can’t rely on the FCC’s projected 39 month transition plan to replace equipment with gear compliant with the new rules.”

“T-Mobile’s tests have revealed several scenarios in which the carriers’ equipment and wireless mics can interfere with each other, in a venue a wireless handset could cause interference to a wireless microphone receiver.”

“Licensed licensed and unlicensed wireless audio equipment operators must vacate spectrum in the 600 MHz band as soon as new licenses announced their intentions to begin using it.”

“T-Mobile is very serious about being a good spectrum neighbor, urging those not on [their contact list] to contact the company.”

Any questions? 

What they’re not saying is the nature of enforcement which includes Google Car frequency monitoring and other Big Brother methods. Folks, even though they’re saying it’s a 39 month rollout, the article goes on to state that the timetable could be moved up – a lot. Please take my advise and get rid of all of that gear on Ebay ASAP, and jump into a Røde or other system in another (preferably much higher) band.

Folks, the T-Mob has moved in and they’re taking your lunch, your first-born, and they’re going to be demanding “protection tax” in the form of higher cellular bills for the service. We’ve lost the battle for now…and for the long-term. All we can do now is move out, but at least there’s a lot of great places to live in wireless-land.
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