Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems – NAB 2017
Triad-Orbit Stands can be extended to extreme heights

Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems – NAB 2017

I’ve been using Triad-Orbit stands since I was first introduced to them at Michael Lehmann Boddicker’s studio (soon to be interviewed here) Sol 7 Mix & Post. They’re not new, but they are incredible for both audio folk and especially for filmmakers.

Triad-Orbit Stands can be extended to extreme heights

The good folk at have written an amazing article outlining the specs of the stands, and I’ll just say this: if you have lights, monitors, speakers, high X/Y mics, uneven surfaces and/or need stability on uneven flooring, quick-change capability with any of these aforementioned items on a single stand – and I mean in seconds – these things should be in your arsenal.

What’s the catch? Well, they’re heavy. Like, 15 lbs. For the stand part alone. These are no flimsy gear supports, but then again these things are meant to keep everything upright in strong wind and uneven surfaces. In a 50 mph gust, your Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod is going to flop your $55,000 RED Dragon onto its glass. Not these – if only they made a tripod…but wait…they DO have the standard tripod mounts!

Think it’s all too good to be true? Sure, it’s good to be cynical. I am. But take a look at the video we shoot with NewsShooter and see if it’s a fish story, or if these will pull in the kind of support we’ve all been looking for.

Quick release
The Mechanical Locking Quick-Release Mechanism
uneven surfaces
These stands can still be solid on uneven surfaces










Full disclosure, Triad-Orbit is a sponsor of Cinema Sound, but like everything our sponsors create, I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t believe it was great. We used these on the Sound Advice tour for 32 cities in 70 days at 16,000 miles and the same stands in Texas when we did the Pro Member Education and they’re still working fine.

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