The Microphones We Use
The Saramonic CamMic is a Super Cardioid Condenser Mic which can be a good option for On-Camera audio.

The Microphones We Use

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Several members had asked about what we use day in and day-out. Many of the mics we use are unavailable now or are custom made. For example: Mark uses his garage-made Royer Labs 707 and 747s all the time. He also uses his zero quality control Russian Oktavas (of which he has 4) and which sound nothing like the US versions. We also have some of the usual expensive suspects for studio work and on-set. And while anyone can throw money at a microphone and get great sound, what would we use to “get the job done” on a shoestring budget? We know that’s REALLY what folks want to know. And, full disclosure, we don’t have any kind of microphone sponsor right now, so this is unbiased (as everything we do is anyway) and what we recommend and reach for in a high-value, low price choice. Here’s the Microphones We Use:

For all around great shotgun: Røde NTG-3
(Runner Up: Røde NTG-4+)
We love the sound of this thing, and its polar pattern is slightly wider than most so on a boom pole the operator doesn’t have to be too careful aiming it in the right direction.

For all around great Ribbon: Røde NTR
This thing is robust, quiet (for a ribbon), and has a beautiful warm sound for a great price

For all around great wireless: Saramonic UWMic-9
Although the UWMic-9 isn’t the quietest system in the world, what you get for your money is incredible. For the price of most prosumer single channel systems, the Saramonic system gives you TWO channels in the 5 MHz band. The lavalier is a wonderful mic that works just as well in competitor systems.

For all around great Large Diaphragm Condenser: Røde NTK
Now, this is really hard, since there’s so many LDCs that we reach for, but for the price and the clean sound and noise floor, this is the one we tell everyone to go get

For all around great Podcaster Mic (Dynamic): Samson Q8X
We know it looks like an on-stage mic – and it is. But if you look at our Podcaster Survival Guide – you’ll hear first hand how it sounds in both noisy and quiet environments – and you’ll become a believer.

For all around great Podcaster Mic (Condenser): AKG Lyra
For a ridiculously cheap price, and all the features you’d want in a USB microphone, this newcomer to the podcaster microphone field really holds up. As with the Q8X above, check out the Podcaster Survival Guide to hear it compared first hand (along with the NTR, Røde Filmmaker Kit and more).

For all around great Small Diaphragm Condenser: Røde M5 (including matched pair)
For the price and clean sound, the M5s are amazing. Sure, there’s 8 million better SDCs out there, but for durability, value and their uncanny ability to be excellent matched stereo pairs, the M5s are what we reach for first – and what we tell others to get.

We just wanted to share with you our drothers on affordable mics and high value options for multimedia disciplines.

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