Surround Mixing in 5.1 – Revealed
The Koralev from Star Trek Axanar. Lots of 5.1 mixing done for that film.

Surround Mixing in 5.1 – Revealed

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There’s a whole lot of misinformation about surround mixing sound – or any surround format.

Almost all of it can be handled in our store product: Quick Start to Mixing in 5.1. I made this video as a startup-kit for all of you who have general questions about routing, panning, organization, and general knowledge to get the basics in surround mixing handled…but also have a quick-start to getting up-and-running fast in your 5.1 mixes and organization.

Of course, all the actual details and deep education are found in the Pro Member’s Education in the Mix volume, but this under-an-hour video will certainly get you started.

I’ve done several videos on surround mixing over the years from other projects as well. Here’s one I did in Pro Tools for Star Trek: Axanar. Enjoy.

Lastly, here’s a “dangers of 5.1 mixing” video I did – it’s brief, but informative.

As I’ve mentioned in these videos, there really aren’t any rules for mixing in any surround format except these:

  • Don’t go over zero dB
  • Be able to defend your choices
  • Be inventive
  • Avoid doing something which hurts immersion for the audience

If you keep these things in mind, your mixes are going to be okay. The choices to make around what to mix louder are always found in choosing one of these elements to have stronger from moment to moment:

  • Story (DX)
  • Immersion (SFX/Ambience/Foley)
  • Emotion (MX)

We spent hours and hours on this in the Pro Member Education, and since the re-recording mix is the most important element in the sound post process, I’m committed that you’ll all get this handled from that education.

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