Free Gear From Saramonic?!?

Free Gear From Saramonic?!?

Free Gear from Saramonic!?

Yes indeed! For a few more days, Saramonic is doing a simple Saramonic giveaway where by entering your name to win, you could get some great stuff – gear that we’re going to be reviewing on Cinema Sound very soon – which we LOVE.

If you win, you’ll be doing your own Video review with this gear, and we at Cinema Sound will feature you and your review on the Cinema Sound site! Heck. We might even interview you.

Please click here and enter to win in the Saramonic giveaway.

And if you haven’t yet checked out the Saramonic HOST of microphone, on-camera mics and recorders, you’ll want to do that as soon as possible – and have your mind blown!

Let us know if you’ve already been using Saramonic products and what your experience is here on this blog or in the Forum!

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