Replacing the WHOLE Audio Track with Lady Deadpool Part 2

Replacing the WHOLE Audio Track with Lady Deadpool Part 2

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In this video Cinema Sound instructor Mark Edward Lewis shows us how the LEM Media Productions team turned terrible audio situation on set on a no-budget no-time production into something useable by replacing the entire audio track with post production magic. The Lady Deadpool PSA shoot was done completely in the back yard of a pool – where the filters ran the entire time and ruined any chance of getting good audio of any kind. In Pro Tools, Mark shows us some of the elements which you can use to create similar complete replacement of sound in order to get a good result.

Ideally, you want to do everything you can to insure that things sound great while on set, but sometimes you just can’t make that happen – such as in the case of running the jacuzzi pumps to make the bubbles work on camera. There’s no way around dealing with that. And as a result, the wonderful recording techniques we talk about in the MZed Pro Member Education get lost. In such a case, the best thing to do is record for the purpose of reference only – knowing that everything will be replaced. We were fortunate in that the lead character (Lady Deadpool) has a masked face which meant that any “ADR” would actually be mainly Voice Over – since there were few mouth movements which had to be synced to. Lucky us.

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