How To: Remove Noise in Adobe Audition from Dialog
Denoising in Adobe Audition

How To: Remove Noise in Adobe Audition from Dialog

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Unless you’ve watched the Record Volume of the Pro Member’s Education, you’ve probably recorded some dialog which has a good deal of background noise or other issues. In this article with the attached Cinema Sound clip, we’ll show you how easy it can be to clean up that audio and remove noise in Adobe Audition.

Bad audio sucks. And there are a lot of tools out there to fix noisy audio. Using a spectrographic representation of an audio file, you can fix

Adobe Audition
Denoising in Adobe Audition

just about anything. If you’re using Adobe Audition, you’ve got this kind of power built-in to the software. Most DAWs force you to go out to 3rd party stand-alone software, edit, and round-trip it back in to work in this way, but Audio is the all-in-one solution for audio clean up.

Cleaning up simple to reasonably thick background noise is a snap in Audition, and using the dedicated destructive plugin is far more powerful than using those available in the “Essential Sound Panel” of either Audition or Premiere Pro. Thankfully, using Dynamic Linking, you can round-trip from Premiere to Audition to cleaning to Premiere in seconds. Watch this video clip and see how simple it can be.


Of course there are other tools out there which do well, but so far, nothing handles this kind of editing with the ease and grace of Adobe Audition. Have your own experience with AA? Let us know or Tweet about it!

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