Premiere Vs. Resolve SHOWDOWN: Parametric EQ

Premiere Vs. Resolve SHOWDOWN: Parametric EQ

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Equalizers are a dime a dozen. There’s tons of them out there. Everything from vintage EQ models to the most cut-throat edgy plugins with every manner of knob, bell and whistle included. On Non-Linear Editors, the pickings get quite small indeed. And while most NLEs allow for AU/VST implementation of 3rd party plugins, the included parametric EQ are usually mid-grade at best.

In the case of Adobe Premiere Pro and Black Magic’s Davinci Resolve, however, there’s plenty of power in the audio capabilities. And parametric EQs are now exception.

In this video in the Premiere Vs. Resolve Showdown series, Cinema Sound host, Mark Edward Lewis, explores the contrast and comparison of Premiere Pro and Resolve’s Parametric EQ plugins to find out which one works best for post production.

There are a specific set of functions that an EQ must have in order to function well in post production. And Resolve’s Fairlight algorithms boast nearly 40 years of warm sounding coding and contouring. Can the Adobe Audition coding imports into Premiere Pro Hold up? Post your views in the comments below.


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