Premiere Vs. Resolve SHOWDOWN: Best Algorithmic Reverb

Premiere Vs. Resolve SHOWDOWN: Best Algorithmic Reverb

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We don’t often use reverb when editing in a non linear editor. It’s generally relegated to heavy-duty mix sessions where we have to blend ADR with on-set sound. But if we MUST do it in an NLE, having a convolution reverb makes all the difference. But if you don’t have one, algorithmic reverbs have to take center stage and make everything blend together seamlessly.

Algorithmic reverbs use mathematical formulas to recreate the sound of reflections in a room. They’re great for music and we’ve been using them there for years. But for post production they can sound a little “edgy” and “unreal.” Judicious use of modulation should be used to get away from the “machine gunning” that happens in many il-created algos.

With Fairlight’s new 1,000+ track count and hardware acceleration capability, can Adobe Premiere Pro’s  Reverb stack up to Resolve’s Reverb plugin?

In this video, Mark takes us through a blow-by-blow contrast and comparison of the algorithmic reverb plugins in both NLEs, and he shows us which one is the winner for most effective and efficient to use in Post Production. Additionally, everything he demonstrates is in parallel to how the 90 hour Cinema Sound Education demonstrates best practices.

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