Premiere Pro: Mixing Music and Dialog Secrets

Premiere Pro: Mixing Music and Dialog Secrets

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Mixing music and dialog is a difficult task whether you’re using a Digital Audio Workstation or a Non-Linear Editor. The right tools and capabilities must be present for a prime-time mix result to occur. Music and Dialog mixing requires a thorough understanding of how the two audio disciplines work together AND work against each other.

Of course, there needs to be knowledge and best practices executed as well.

Imported from Adobe’s Audition DAW, Premiere Pro now sports one of the most power tools to accomplish this task – a Hollywood mixing secret – that few know about much less understand. 

In this video, Mark shows us how to create a “dynamic notch eq” in one of the best sounding and most flexibly plugins in Premiere Pro. This is in complete parallel from the Cinema Sound Education where Mark shows us how to do this in Adobe Audition.

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