Premiere Pro: Get Great Sounding Dialog Fast!

Premiere Pro: Get Great Sounding Dialog Fast!

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Getting great sounding dialog is the holy grail of both mixing and editing. The trouble is, nobody records good sounding dialog any more, and so we must, in post, try to fix everything that went wrong on set with sound. Thus getting great sounding dialog quickly is skill editors and sound editors alike must learn, since a large amount of resources will go to fixing dialog. If it can be cleaned or made to sound professional in the edit bay, it only speeds up the process.

Imported from Adobe’s Audition DAW, Premiere Pro now sports the ability to speedily get dialog to sound great using its built-in audio plugin tools. A clever combination of which will render some wonderful results.

In this video, Mark shows us how to create a quick “good sound button” experience in getting great sounding dialog. This is in complete parallel from the Cinema Sound Education where Mark shows us how to do this in Adobe Audition.

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