Podcaster Survival Guide Now Streaming

Podcaster Survival Guide Now Streaming

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After several weeks of production and post production, the 5.5 hour, 50 chapter education on how to get a great sounding podcast is now streaming! The Podcaster Survival Guide.

Broken down into Recording, Editing, Fixing and Mixing volumes, this comprehensive education is the only one of its kind, and it takes the non-intuitive understanding and skill sets needed to create a professional sounding podcast.

Post production is handled in Adobe’s DAW flagship: Audition. And this education was made with the help of Adobe, JBL, AKG and Soundcraft.

The Record volume covers everything from what microphones, speakers, headphones and recorders to use, to where to put those microphones, dealing with multiple talent, noisy situations and more.

The Edit volume covers everything from all the rudiments of Adobe Audition to how to cut breath and bogey noise, crossfades, track organization and more.

The Fix volume covers everything that Adobe Audition can provide to clean up good (and bad) sounding audio and make it perfect. Including spectrographic editing examples that will help you become adept at dealing with bogeys that standard denoising and deverbing can’t do.

The comprehensive Mix volume covers everything you need to do in Adobe Audition in order to do the final “polish” of your recordings to give them both competitive loudness levels, as well as balanced and amazing sounding recordings.

The best part about this education is that IT’S FREE, and doing new streams on the Podcaster Survival Guide Playlist on our Youtube channel.

If you wanted to download the entire library, you can do so while at the same time purchasing the ENTIRE Cinema Sound education on a hard drive (all versions of it) as well as all our products by clicking here.

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