Podcaster Survival Guide Released!

Podcaster Survival Guide Released!

We’re proud to announce that after nearly a year of work, the full version of the Podcaster Survival Guide is now available for purchase and streaming forever.

Designed to be watched as an addendum to the comprehensive Cinema Sound education, the “Podcaster Survival Guide” covers everything that podcast producers and creatives need to know about how to record, edit, fix and deliver a professional and compliant podcast.

How do you clean up bad audio? That’s found in the “Fix” chapter.
How to avoid getting bad audio in the first place? That’s in the “Record” chapter.
How to get rid of breaths and noises quickly and efficiently? That’s in the “Edit” chapter.
How to make everything sound great and be compliant with delivery standards? That’s the “Mix” the chapter.

There is even an chapter on “Advanced Recording Tactics” which covers microphone placement, choice, and special protocols for dealing with multiple talent at the same time.

All of this is done using Adobe’s power-house Digital Audio Workstation: Audition. And everything which is taught translates to nearly all other DAWs.

All of this is done with Cinema Sound educator Mark Edward Lewis’ fast-paced and fun style of easy-to-follow education.

Where information around podcasting is contradictory and scattered, the Podcaster Survival Guide has everything you need to create and finish great sounding media every time.

Get your copy of the Podcaster Survival Guide here:

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