The Official Launch of Cinema Sound

Hollywood has been insuring that people like their media better than yours for decades.

Worse, they’ve been keeping secret the know-how which makes people like and enjoy the so-called “big budget blockbusters” more than your media. It’s all wrapped up in “oh, that’s a $50 million movie…they spent a lot more money on it than I have.” “They have better actors.” “They have better cameras/post-production.”

With the exception of the actor consideration… It’s. Complete. Hogwash.

Mark Edward Lewis along with renown DP Jeff Barklage (soon to be interviewed) and AD Dennis Hotston

Tweet: Money helps solve problems, not make a better impact on your audience. As you’ll see throughout this website and the Pro Member’s Education, sound very often is 80% of media’s impact on your audience. You can disagree about that, but as you’ll see in future posts and in the education itself, we can prove it. And if that’s true, then 80% of Hollywood’s “secrets” in getting audience impact lies in understanding how they do sound so well. How they manipulate emotions, immersions, storytelling and more with by using sound audio principles at their highest levels.

And, yes, when you hire Ben Burtt or someone like him to do your sound, you’re going to get an amazing result…and yeah…that’s going to cost you more than $500k. But Tweet: the purpose of Cinema Sound is to improve the impact of your media to the $50 million Hollywood level – not “teach you about sound.” Teaching about sound is so boring. Blech. Learning how to have the impact of Titanic, and Raiders and Transformers without having to improve your budget? Yeah. Dope.

Cinema Sound is Here to Bring Hollywood Impact To the Independent.

In fact, I’m looking to improve how independent films are made world-wide by teaching as many filmmakers as I can what I’ve learned about getting 80% of your project’s impact slammed into a $50 million value…using tools which many of you already have but don’t understand how to apply. I want you to have the Hollywood secrets and storm the gates of webisodic, episodic and long-form media with a new wave of passion, power and income potential which we’ve not seen in media before.

The Dark Knight
Hollywood’s big secrets may have nothing to do with visuals.

Look, I understand how it went: you studied film, cameras, editing, VFX and the works. I’m proud of you. Congratulations. The problem is, you have a limited budget of time and resources to study your craft. If you went to film school this is even more true for you – and now you have student loans in the $100,000s. In your 4-year degree, you probably studied sound for two weeks: how to hold a boom pole badly and how to operate a recorder. Maybe how to not go over zero in your NLE.

If You Want To Compete, You Must To Have the Hollywood Edge.

I’m here to tell you that the reason people shy away from your media and independent media in general and gravitate toward Hollywood big-budget pictures is because they get sound right – and you don’t. Doing art is wonderful, and you should all continue doing your art. But if you want to compete, you have to have an unfair competitive advantage. More and more people are stumbling into the odd secret that Hollywood uses, and they’re rising to the top of their market share.

Imagine if you had 90 of those secrets? 150? You pulled them out and wielded and wound them into your productions so well that people started gravitating to your products in droves. Imagine if in your market your productions had 5X the impact of your competitor? Just think about what that would do for you – especially if you didn’t have to increase your budget!

Now, of course, Hollywood films have amazing VFX and editing and writing – not to mention acting. Sure. But there’s a strong reason why we went to “talkies” a few decades ago…and an even stronger reason why people threw themselves off bridges after listening to a radio show.

Folks, Cinema Sound exists to change how independent media is made. To take back the stranglehold Hollywood has on “good and accepted” media. To have a new renaissance of independent filmmaking that changes the global view of it. We can do this. I’ll be with you every step of the way. But do take advantage of this resource, because thousands of filmmakers will, and their media will be having previously undreamt impact. Will yours?

Stay Connected to Cinema Sound

Stay close to Cinema Sound blogs and posts and be-ye-no-stranger to posting your needs and questions. There’s a mountain of features coming to the site including over 70 hours of education, special and exclusive foley and ambience libraries, live seminars with myself and guests, the ability to work with the Cinema Sound team directly on your project for a reduced cost, silly-stupid-ridiculously-awesome discounts on the software that Hollywood uses every day which you otherwise cannot afford, hardware packages for gear tailored to your needs as a media maker, and more.

I’m excited to be partnering with you in this journey to transform how our media impacts our audience around the world, and I can’t wait to see and hear your results. Onward!

-Mark Edward Lewis

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