Music Mastery: Contact

Music Mastery: Contact

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In this installment of Music Mastery, I’m going to speak about one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite movies scored by one of my favorite composers: “Contact,” Robert Zemeckis, Alan Silvestri. Get ready for some awesomeness in Music Master: Contact

This movie is adapted from a book by the late Carl Sagan, the world renown cosmologist and scientist known for his television show “Cosmos.” By the time we get to this scene in the movie, which we also cover in depth in the MZed Pro Membership Education, Zemeckis and Silvestri, have woven an undetectable musical tapestry backdrop to Jodie Foster’s character, “Ellie.” Something we rarely see or hear in today’s mashups of loud music desperately trying to wrench audiences’ feelings around. In fact, here in the middle of the 7th act, we can hardly remember any music of “note” happening in this film.

And so, this dynamic duo do it again with music-as-sound effects so subtle, beautiful and wondrous that we have no choice but to slide happily yet tearfully into their web of feeling. Using the most subtle of orchestral instruments and synthetic textures, see if you can reverse engineer the mastery of this scene in Contact.

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