Music Mastery: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters: Music Mastery

Music Mastery: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Here on Cinema Sound I’m starting a series of ongoing blog posts that deal with special and amazing instances of wizardry in various audio disciplines: Music Mastery, SFX Sorcery and Mixing Mavenry. This entry is for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

There may be several more as we continue, but each of these posts will deal with one sound aspect a scene I particularly find “noteworthy.” Since I maintain that “Tweet: reverse engineering the audio of the masters is the quickest way to become a better filmmaker,” taking a quick look at these clips will help us all get better at our crafts. We delve into a huge amount of inspirational clips like these in the MZed Pro Membership Education. Jump there now to get access.

This example is from 1977 and John Williams, arguably the greatest composer of our time. Here, we take a look at the end sequence of Spielberg’s masterpiece, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and we see some of the genius Williams placed into his music as he scored beat after beat and manipulates the audience’s emotions moment by moment.

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