The Mixing Tweeze: Donuts Sequence

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For the purposes of Cinema Sound education, we shot five short films for the Pro Members Education. These consisted of an action sequence, a scene on the beach, a scene in a car, a nominal audio situation interior and an electronic news gathering piece (ENG). Each one of these examples has more than enough problems, terrors, puzzles and fun to allow us to demonstrate just about every aspect of audio preproduction, production and post-production throughout the education and lots of tweeze.

The video below is a simple Facebook Live iPhone recording of me working out the kinks of the Donuts scene mix. This video takes place after all of the dialogue is been cleaned, sound effects, music, ambiences and sound effects have been inserted and everything has been synchronized.

At this point in the post production audio process, you are nearly ready to mix, but there are all kinds of Niggly Bits which need to be fixed in order to “Prep for Success” when one finally sits down to mix.

This video shows what I did in order to prep the Donuts session in for the mix in Adobe Audition. None of this is found in the education, and I didn’t feel it was necessary to include it, because it’s a lot of rehashing of things which we have extensively demonstrated. I thought it might be useful just as a reference and a fun reminder of what’s required to get the $50 million impact I’m committed to you all achieving.

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