Mixing Mavenry: Godzilla 2014

Mixing Mavenry: Godzilla 2014

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In this installment of Mixing Mavenry, we’ll take a look at Godzilla 2014. Nominated for a ton of sound awards, although it’s not my favorite movie of all time, the sound in this movie well-deserved it’s awards.

There’s more to great sound that just adding the appropriate elements and hitting a “good sound button.” It requires weeks if not months to mix a project well on a feature-length picture. With a creature-feature like Godzilla 2014, the amount of work is compounded, because the sound effects tracks leap from, say, a count of 150 in a drama to 1,200. In order to get incredible sound effects, they’re layered sometimes 20 tracks deep. To mix this with a giant orchestral or synthetic score is a massive chore to be taken on by several mixers in a well-tuned re-recording mix room. In the MZed Pro Membership Education, we show you how to take your mixes to the next level using the kinds of secrets Hollywood Mixers use every day.

To me, the kind of care taken with the sound in this movie is wonderful. From helo props to animal sounds to gun fire. See how incredible mixing all the elements of sound together anew in the analysis clip below.

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