Misusing iZotope RX to Get Amazing SFX
iZotope RX

Misusing iZotope RX to Get Amazing SFX

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On the Sound Advice Tour we demonstrated how to misuse software to obtain amazing new soundscapes from ordinary recordings. In this article we revisit that conversation, and I’ll be revealing a small portion of the Pro Member Education Chapter from the Effects Volume.

This video is taken from the Effects Volume and is a clip that demonstrates some of the simple ways iZotope RX can be used to create fantastic sound effects from ordinary recordings. The chapter itself spans nearly an hour and covers many advanced ways of doing even crazier things. I figured this would give you a basic understanding of what you can do with RX (and any program with a spectral view – like Adobe Audition) and maybe even get you excited about becoming a Pro Member so you can learn even more about how to become a master sound effect creator.

Tried your own hand at misusing software to great results? Let us know your experience here or Tweet about it!

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