The Missing Audio Cart Item

The Missing Audio Cart Item

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In the Cinema Sound 85+ hour education, presenter Mark Edward Lewis gets down-and-dirty and misses no audio cart item which should be had. But one Cinema Sound member reminds us all that there’s one which might need to be added to this motley crew of bottom-shelf items.

The Basics:

Having audio equipment on your cart isn’t enough to be successful as a recordist. You have to have more. Things like bug spray for your windscreens, first aid kits and items which have a multiplicity of uses – and which ingratiate you to a typically hostile cast and crew. Take a look at the Record Volume from the Cinema Sound Education to learn more. There, Mark Edward Lewis goes over everything you’d need in that cart and in your porta-bag.

But recently in an e-mail from active Cinema Sound Member Alan Lorden, we learned of an item which really needs to be added to your cart. He explains:

 We were doing some green screen/white screen shots so I brought along a B&D hand held steamer to get any wrinkles out of the cloth.  You’d think I was the second coming to the actors wanting to get their outfits smoothed out when they saw I had that thing.  It went a long way in establishing positive actor/crew interaction.  So I keep it in the cart regularly now.

Alan Lorden

The Results:

We not only confirm this as a great idea, but there’s some added benefits to having a portable steamer in your cart:

  • Ironing out the wrinkled Green/Blue/Purple Screen
  • Ironing out actors wardrobe
  • With any gear unplugged, it helps in getting sticky/greasy junk off of boxes gear and gaffer tape residue
  • Great warmth for all when in a cold exterior environment
  • Helps soften hair in extremely dry environments

All of these things – we trust you can see – do one VERY important thing: have you be even more an appreciated asset and gives you clout points when you need everyone on set to shut up during room tone and Impulse Response recording – not to mention on set ADR.

In the education we go into detail about the importance of being an on set asset – because everyone hates you as an audio guy/gal anyway. But to be a resource for nearly all departments with alcohol, food, water, first aid – and how steam heat – will continue to get you hired and stay hired and have you be someone whom everyone is happy to see when you arrive.

Special thanks to Alan Lorden for this discovery.

To learn more about how this all works, and to get your Unfair Competitive Advantage in the Multimedia Marketplace, buy your copy of the Cinema Sound Education here.

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