Mark Rants against Youtuber who Disses Audition
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Mark Rants against Youtuber who Disses Audition

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Today on our youtube channel on a video about panning music (which you can see by clicking here), I was put to task by a viewer who dislikes that I declare that one can create “Hollywood Immersion” with Audition and more than insinuates that it can only be done with Pro Tools.
I responded in kind, and as you all know I bash no program or gear except AVID – and this response is no different. If you cut on AVID or Pro Tools, please note that I own an HDX II Pro Tools HD system and have used it for years – begrudgingly. So I definitely have experience with Pro Tools. Herein, I wagered you all might get some value from my response.
I’d have a hard time finding anyone who would be willing to do this type of work with “Hollywood impact” in Audition. I get it, you’re sponsored by Adobe, but still, you’d have much more “Hollywood impact” if it was done in Pro Tools. Yes, you’re talking principles, general guidance and approach, but still…
Cinema Sound’s Response:
I appreciate your candor, but here’s some things to consider: A: the geniuses at AVID still can’t get their audio to go from AVID to Pro Tools without massive hours of conforming – whereas Adobe products, it’s a button push. B: Audition rarely crashes, and while it doesn’t do well over 80 tracks, most of the people watching this aren’t going to invest in something which is predominantly Mac only that crashes daily . C: Pro tools, at a level that is “professional” is around $6,000+ which renders it useless for 90% of the marketplace and certainly useless for anyone using Premiere Pro who wants to do professional audio. D: Just because you CAN spend $6,000 (our system is an HDX 2 system so we’re well over $10k), it doesn’t mean that Pro Tools can, in a vacuum, create a better sound than Adobe Audition. Would I mix a 500 track feature on AA? Nope. But I only crack open Pro Tools if the track count goes over 80 – and that’s about 10% of the time. Personally, I HATE Pro Tools and always have. It’s clunky, unstable, wildly and unnecessarily expensive, and those who use it find themselves egoists around it. They like it because they were able to afford it. It doesn’t “sound” any better than anything else…and if you’re running anything earlier than 11, it’s BY FAR worse than AA. If you’ve gotta do 85+ tracks, then you’re stuck with it. I get it. Like I said, I’ve got it. But if you’re doing smaller productions, and you’ve cut in Premiere, you’re SILLY for not mixing in AA. Moreover, my money is on several other companies who we will be happily jumping to when they come out with a better DAW than PT for high-track counts and hardware acceleration. We’ll be gleefully selling you our HDX cards and nonsense overpriced AVID interfaces. For the independent creative, Pro Tools is about as low-value a program as I can think of.
Further I sayeth naught.

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