Major Microphone Archive Update!
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Major Microphone Archive Update!

Here at Cinema Sound, we’re going to create the largest microphone example archive in the world. We just had a major update!

We’ve already had the kind submissions of Røde, Royer Labs, Zoom, and Apple. But now we add Oktava, Soundfield and Panasonic. We’ve also added “sideways” angles for shotgun microphones so you can hear what a VO sounds like from the side and judge how well it rejects off-axis sound.

You’ll hear:

VO @ 6″ with a pop filter @ -15 LUFS Average

VO @ 6″ off-axis 90º without a pop filter @ -20 LUFS Average

A drill (for SFX) @ 6″ @ -15 LUFS Average

Piano @ 2′ @ -15 LUFS Average

Multi-channel mics will have ambience recorded @ -23 LUFS Average

In the case of the Soundfield surround mic, we recorded all 4 channels and used their proprietary software to downmix to a stereo field.

All files are recorded on a Zoom F8 @ 192kHz, 24 bit. Processed in Adobe Audition without any plugins in a native 192 session and only clip gain added to balance average LUFS levels. Export is done in Adobe Audition and downcoverted to 48Khz, 24bit where it gets uploaded to SoundCloud.

Moreover, we’ve moved the access to the archive to the Cinema Sound Forum for ease of comments, questions and searchability. You’ll still be able to access the archive from SoundCloud, but our references moving forward will always be to the Forum.

Click Here to Go to the Cinema Sound Microphone Archive Forum Page.

If you have microphones that you’d like to see added to the list, and, especially if you’d be willing to let us borrow any of your microphones to put on the list, do let us know!

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