Major Microphone Archive Update!

Major Microphone Archive Update!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Cinema Sound Member Scott Vanderbilt who drove many miles to the Cinema Sound Studio B and brought his array of on-set and in-studio microphones for us to add to the archive including microphones from AKG, Sennheiser, Sanken, Røde, DPA and more – all in – perhaps $20,000 from his recordist resources were painstakingly recorded and edited and are now available for you to audition in the Cinema Sound Microphone Archive update.

And speaking of editing, that was done expertly by another Cinema Sound member, one, Andrew Belcher who spent several hours volumizing and editing the over 100 starts.

I also want to say a special thank you to Blue Microphones who also loaned out a Yeti, a Yeti Pro and a Spark to be entered into the archive at their cost.

Folks, I’ve said this before: there’s nothing like this out there for you to audition the microphones that you’re looking to purchase and hear what they sound like in comparison with others, fast, without bias, and in more than one usage. Please take advantage of this and forward this to anyone who is considering purchasing a microphone to support all of us independent media creators to get the best sound, the best value and the best purchases for our businesses and productions.

And, we’re super happy if you’re in the Los Angeles area to host you if you’re willing to be generous as Scott Vanderbilt was, and hop over and let us enter your microphones into the archive. We’ll even buy you lunch.

To audition the latest – and oldest – additions to the nearly 200 recording strong archive, just jump to the forum and scroll down to the microphone archive, or just jump to that link by clicking here.



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