Lewis Says…11-27-18

Lewis Says…11-27-18

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Lewis Says…

“If you’re like me, you can’t find anything in your e-mail box, because you’re inundated with e-mails about Sales, Cyber-this, Black-that. I’ve had two clients tell me they sent something which I couldn’t find amidst the fray of sale-mail. I mean, someone should make a series called “Cyber-Black” and turn it into some kind of TRON-meets-You’ve Got Mail romantic comedy-gone-wrong. And, yes, you’re all correct. I didn’t help anything with Cinema Sound sending out its sales either. So I’m a hypocrite, there’s no doubt. But it doesn’t change that I hate sale-mail…AND I’m a hypocrite about black friday et al.

And what’s it all about: this post-T-day sale nonsense? It used to be a simple matter of early-morning whack-jobs showing up at Nordstrom and Macy’s at 4 am for the best sales for Christmas gifts or whatever. Now, it’s 4 solid days of stuff going on 24-4. Now, yeah, I actually look forward to it, because I catch up on plugins and sample libraries I’ve wanted for months – which I can usually get 60-80% off. I can be patient for the most part. But when I’m getting 5 e-mails a day from Groupon, yeah, bad.

And the same thing happens with dialog – badly recorded dialog that is. You know the drill: the producer asks you “how’s the dialog sound?” and they committed false economy and you have to answer with something like, “well, we’re going to be in ADR for a while.” Then they freak out and hound you daily while you’re cleaning it to see just how many days that will be. And It’s non-stop and incessant. And you wish Captain Cyber-Black would send him into the next universe for a while.

But all of this can be fixed – okay, most of it – with a little care during the recording process. And if that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to nuke the recordist’s dog, and then dive into Adobe Audition, RX, Spectral Layers pro, Cedar, or all 4, and come up with the best sounding cleaned dialog you can. No, it’s not fun. About as much fun as sorting through your e-mails during T-day week. But you can create miracles with bad audio. But it’s not intuitive, and it’s not done by reading manuals. It’s done by learning from a dedicated protocol of walking you through the steps.

Good news! On our live show, we’re in the middle of the FIX volume, and we’re cleaning dialog (and even YOUR dialog) live on the show.

Even BETTER NEWS! The FIX volume is now available – all chapters individually – for rent or purchase. 

Do join us on the “Compression” Thursdays at 6:00pm PST. We’d love to see you there.

And do avail yourself of the FIX Volume of the Cinema Sound education if you haven’t already. 

~ Mark Edward Lewis

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