Lewis Says…11-23-18

Lewis Says…11-23-18

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Lewis Says…

“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – ruined by this health challenge I’m on. I mean, sure, I look forward to Christmas, Independence day and – of course – by birthday – but nothing comes close to the wonder and tryptophanian glee of the amount of food I used to ingest on T-day. Sure, Independence day is a close second for BBQ and hot dogs consumed by the pound. But this year is completely different. Why? Well, our whole gym, including my girlfriend, and I started this health challenge back in early October. Specific dietary regime with a workout schedule. No, not the one your thinking of – I’d never seen anything like it. The first week of it I was sure I was going to end up in prison for killing someone. I even GAINED weight. But when I made it through Halloween without having a single piece of candy – for the first time in my life – and after having 600+ people to our front door and handing out $100s in candy as happens every year, I knew something had shifted. Now, I stand nearly 20 lbs lighter and over 2″ off my waist. I’m continuing to move into great health thanks to this infernal diet which has now become a lifestyle. And so, T-day this year, all of its foodey-joy is ruined. No more binging. No more sugar highs followed by depression. No more feeling so full you’re ill. Just health. Thanks. Connection. A great context! It’s a complete transformation, and it’s perhaps a far better way to celebrate one of our nations more cherished holidays.There was another transformation that happened like this for me in 2015. Many of you attended Sound Advice Tour locations, and it’s probably where we met. The tour was coming to a close and its producer, Jeff Medford and I had a conversation about extending it. But instead, we created Cinema Sound. It was really the first time someone had believed in me to the extent of building an entire brand around Mark Edward Lewis. It was humbling. Especially when, after 18 months of shooting, development, an over 64 page outline shot into hundreds of hours of footage, and over $150,000, Cinema Sound was born in 2017. My entire life transformed. No more was I just answering the odd e-mails from friends about how to fix issues in production and post, I was fielding questions from all around the world. And my context shifted from a self-oriented one to a global independent media creative one. And although Jeff Medford and MZed put money into Cinema Sound, they were really putting it into that independent media creative community, because there’s no education like the Cinema Sound education for sound anywhere. When former Global Sales Manager for Røde, Scott Emerton came on board to replace Jeff, he too joined the ranks of someone who is 100% committed to supporting the independent media creative to win. We see the value in this for now and for the future. We believe that educating and supporting you is the best way to bring powerful, cutting edge media to the masses for decades to come.

So, it’s been a complete transformation for me. I’ve had beautiful relationships with so many of you, our now good friends at Adobe, Harman, Waves Audio, Saramonic, Røde, MOTU, JBL, Soundcraft and so many others. And for this I’m grateful. Thankful. Humbled.

You’ve all made my life, and the lives of the staff of Cinema Sound so much larger and more wonderful, and I look forward to seeing you all on our live show next Thursday if you can. They say that the size and richness of a person’s life is the size and richness of a person’s community. If that’s so, then I’m the richest and largest man in the world thanks to you.

Happy Thanksgiving members of Cinema Sound. I am thankful for each one of you. And maybe, today, skip that piece of pie or helping of stuffing and record a stereo ambience of your friends and family walla for your own library for 2 minutes instead. See what gives you a better value.”

Mark Edward Lewis

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