Lewis Says…1-7-19

Lewis Says…1-7-19

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Lewis Says…

“It’s that time of year where Hollywood falls asleep – from Thanksgiving to the end of the Oscars. Where nothing really happens in town except for screenings and self-congratulatory dinners. For those of us who make independent media, we get to keep on working – and get ready for the single largest spectacle of unabashed techno-geekery – no, not NAMM (although that is coming in a few weeks and I’ll see you all there!), NAB 2019. It’s time to start booking those hotels, figuring out those flights, and deal with shipping of all the gear you’re going to buy while you’re there. “What?!” You ask. “They don’t sell anything at NAB!” Ha ha! There’s a lot that’s going to change about NAB this year. Read on.

First, since you’re getting this e-mail you’re a supporter of Cinema Sound, and as a thank you’re all welcome to get in to the exhibit halls for free. Simply use this link and use the coupon code “JOINME” and you’ll be good to go! Nice. That’s handled.

Second, indeed, exhibitors can sell you their inventory, software or whatever at their booths this year – which is super awesome for all of us since no one wants to ship anything home on Sunday – and it’ll be a prime time to get great deals on all kinds of things if you play your cards right.

Lastly, this year I’ll be spending most of my time with sponsors supporting their products and doing demonstrations. The most readily willing sponsor to have Cinema Sound rock their booth is our friends from Saramonic. We’re not totally sure yet how frequent we’ll be doing demonstrations and giveaways, but whatever the number is, you’ll want to check it it, as you might just get a great deal (or free) stuff from both Saramonic AND Cinema Sound dope. I’ll be posting the schedule once we have it.

Anyhow, we hope that 2019 is an amazing year for all of you, and we hope the media your creating goes viral. Definitely tune in to our live show every Thursday night as we’re continuing to move through the “Fix” volume of the Cinema Sound education, and we hope to see you at the big shows coming up including NAMM, NAB, CineGear and more! If you’ve got a booth at any of these shows, we’d be happy to come by and support you with a presentation, giveaway or anything else which will support your product!

Onward all!”

Mark Edward Lewis

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