Join the Cinema Sound Private Facebook Group

Join the Cinema Sound Private Facebook Group

If you’re an MZed Pro Member, you owe it to yourself to join the Cinema Sound Private Facebook Group. It’s a place where members are getting their questions answered, where manufacturers are doing direct product support, and where Mark and the entire Cinema Sound team populate the page.

If you’re looking to connect directly with the Cinema Sound team for questions about the education, your projects or otherwise, with the exception of posting directly here on the blog, the best place to do so is on the Private Facebook Group.

As you can see, the Forum has been relegated to being the exclusive host for the Cinema Sound Microphone Archive, so there’s no way to communicate with staff there.

To become a member of the Private Facebook Group, simply be an MZed Pro Member, and enter the correct answer to which animal Mark hates most (which means you should have watched Volume 1/ Chapter 1 and 2. Simply enter the right animal and the admin will grant you access.

Join us on Facebook for this private experience with the staff of Cinema Sound.

If you’re not an MZed Pro Member, click here to find out more about the amazing opportunity to create media at the Hollywood level.

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