It’s Adobe Audition’s 25th Anniversary! Celebrate!

It’s Adobe Audition’s 25th Anniversary! Celebrate!

Folks, it’s been 25 years since Adobe Audition started changing people’s lives in the audio world by bringing tools, capabilities and workflows which NO OTHER DAW has. And that program stands, even now, as one of the most efficient ways to get audio post production and production handled – and it STILL has incredible tools that no other DAW is even close to touching: Remix, the ESP, Automatic Speech Alignment, batch command wizardry, built-in highly functional spectral editor and more.

Audition Evangelist and personality Mike Russel has single-handedly spearheaded the celebration for Audition’s 1/4 century birthday, and he’s put out a slew of interviews with some amazing people and how they’ve grown with Audition and how it’s grown with them.

Of course, none of the least of which is the interview with yours truly. Take a gander at my interview with Mike and the many, many others that are there! Click here.

And of course, Happy Anniversary Audition! Many more years to come!


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