Happy Anniversary, Cinema Sound!
Sincerely, Mark Edward Lewis

Happy Anniversary, Cinema Sound!

Well, Cinema Sound members, it’s been a year since we started this endeavor. 

A year since we realized that audio skills for audio for production and post-production didn’t exist online anywhere in a comprehensive fashion.

12 months ago that we rolled out a hub online for independent creatives to get the knowledge they need to get that Hollywood audience impact handled for their productions.

It’s been a lot of building. It’s been a lot of building trust with you all. It’s been a lot of fun interacting with everyone who is as committed to creating powerful independent media as we are.

So, here, one year in, we’re really celebrating you. We’re doing this for you, and you’ve shown up with care, concern, microphones, time, referrals, purchases, constructive criticisms and an incredible amount of talent and amazing sounding (and looking) media.

It’s been a culmination of some amazing folks who came to hang out with us at Sound Advice back in 2015, then a lot of time building the 85 hour Cinema Sound education, then the launch of the this website. I’m proud to be walking this road with you all!

Please join us in lifting a glass (virtually) to year one of Cinema Sound and to all Cinema Sound Members!


Sincerely, Mark Edward Lewis

Mark Edward Lewis


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