At Cinema Sound, we LOVE Gear. LOVE IT!

And of course, the more gear the better! But we’re not all super rich, and we have to find the best value for our money for EVERYTHING we buy. Just because something is the best in the world at something, doesn’t mean we can afford it. It also doesn’t mean that we NEED all of the capabilities of that kit, and we might find something that is 85% as good, which serves us 100% as well, for 35% the price.

That’s what the following list is all about. The foregoing is the Cinema Sound Staff’s favorite gear to use as ranked by value for the discipline. It’s not to say that there isn’t something better out there. Of COURSE there is, but can you afford it? Does it serve the Indy filmmaker in all the ways it could? Is it readily available?

As of 10/9/18 here’s our favorite gear and software for the Independent Media Creator.



The computer your purchase can be Mac or “PC”. Choose a Mac if you’re also going to be doing heavy-duty audio editing – like over 80 tracks. Otherwise, get the best bang for your buck, and buy a computer that can handle the hardware you need to plug in to it and have the horsepower to run your software for 3 years or more. Thereby take on the axiom: buy a computer for $2,500 sell the old one for $500 about every 3 years.


Shotgun: Saramonic TM-7

Lavalier: Saramonic Lavalier

Large Diaphragm Condensor: Røde K2

Dynamic: Røde M1

Ribbon: Røde NTR

Stereo Mic: Saramonic CA Mixer (and included mics)

Surround Mic: Sennheiser Ambeo VR


Wireless Transmission System: Saramonic UWMic9



On Set Recorder/Mixer: Zoom F8

Faux Surround Recorder: Zoom H2N

General Handy Recorder: Zoom H6


Phone Integration:

Lightning Port Connection: A/D: Saramonic SmartRig + Di

3.5mm Connection: A/D: Saramonic SmartRig +

Software App Recorder: Røde REC Lite



In-Home Mixing: JBL LSR 305 MKII

Studio Mixing: JBL 708P

Home Theater: Samson AuroX15D

Headphones: Direct Sound EX-29

Wireless Headphones: Direct Sound EXTW37


Mixer: Soundcraft UI16R


Sound Treatment:

Speaker Recoil Stabilizer: Primacoustic

Room Treatment: Primacoustic Broadway Panels


Audio Interface: Mark of the Unicorn Ultralite MK4


Control Surface: Slate Digital Raven (for everything but Adobe Audition)



Conventional: Seagate Barracuda in a RAID 0 with another RAID 0 backed up every hour.

SSD: OWC Anything




General Audio: Adobe Audition

Music: Apple Logic Pro



Cleanup Software: iZotope RX

General Plugin Pack: Waves Gold

Compressor: Waves C1

Multiband Compressor: Adobe Audition

Limiter: Yong W1

EQ: Adobe Audition

Stereo Imager: Apple Logic Pro

Algo Reverb: Waves H-Verb

Convolution Reverb: Adobe Audition

Expander/Gate: Adobe Audition

Binaural/Surround in Headphones: Spatial Audio Designer

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