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[Sticky] Cinema Sound Microphone Archive by Manufacturer

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AKG C414 XLII Cardioid DX

AKG C414 XLII Cardioid Piano

AKG C414 XLII Omni Drill


AKG C414 XLII Omni Piano

AKG C3000 Drill

AKG C3000 DX

AKG C3000 Piano

AKG D40 Drill


AKG D40 Piano


Iphone Drill

Iphone DX

Iphone Piano

Audio Technica

Audio Technica BP4025 Drill

Audio Technica BP4025 DX

Audio Technica BP4025 Piano

Audio Technica MB2000L Drill

Audio Technica MB2000L DX

Audio Technica MB2000L DX(1)

Audio Technica MB2000L Piano


Audix I5 Drill

Audix I5 DX

Audix I5 Piano

Audix SCX1 - HC Drill

Audix SCX1 - HC DX

Audix SCX1 - HC DX Sideways

Audix SCX1 - HC Piano


Blue Spark Drill

Blue Spark DX

Blue Spark Piano

Blue Yeti Cardioid Drill

Blue Yeti Cardioid DX.wav

Blue Yeti Cardioid Piano

Blue Yeti Omni Drill

Blue Yeti Omni DX

Blue Yeti Omni Piano

Blue Yeti Pro Cardioid Drill

Blue Yeti Pro Cardioid DX

Blue Yeti Pro Cardioid Piano

Blue Yeti Pro Omni Drill

Blue Yeti Pro Omni DX

Blue Yeti Pro Omni Piano


DPA 4061 Drill (stereo)

DPA 4061 DX (stereo)

DPA 4061 Piano (on Mic Stand)

DPA 4061 Piano (on The Piano)

DPA SC4098 - BX30 Drill

DPA SC4098 - BX30 DX

DPA SC4098 - BX30 Piano

Line Audio

Line Audio CM3 Drill

Line Audio CM3 DX

Line Audio CM3 Piano

Line Audio OM1 Drill

Line Audio OM1 DX

Line Audio OM1 Piano


 Oktava MC - 12 Cardioid Capsule Drill

 Oktava MC - 12 Cardioid Capsule DX

 Oktava MC - 12 Cardioid Capsule Piano

 Oktava MC - 12 Hyper Capsule Drill

 Oktava MC - 12 Hyper Capsule DX

 Oktava MC - 12 Hyper Capsule Piano

 Oktava MC - 12 Hyper Capsule Sideways

 Oktava MC - 12 Omni Capsule Drill

 Oktava MC - 12 Omni Capsule DX

 Oktava MC - 12 Omni Capsule Piano


 Panasonic AG - MC100 Drill

 Panasonic AG - MC100 DX

 Panasonic AG - MC100 DX Sideways

 Panasonic AG - MC100 Piano

Røde Microphones

Røde Filmmaker Kit Drill

Røde Filmmaker Kit DX

Røde Filmmaker Kit Piano

Rode IXY Drill


Rode IXY Piano

Rode IXY Ambience

Røde K2 Cardioid Drill

Røde K2 Cardioid DX

Røde K2 Cardioid Piano

Røde K2 Omni DX

Røde M1 Drill

Røde M1 DX

Røde M1 Piano

Røde M5 LR Drill

Røde M5 LR DX

Røde M5 LR Pair Piano

Røde NT1 - A Drill

Røde NT1 - A DX

Røde NT1 - A Piano

Rode NT-R Drill Front

Rode NT-R Drill Rear

Røde NT-R DX Front

Rode NT-R DX Rear

Røde NT-R Piano Front

Røde NT-R Piano Rear

Rode NT4 Ambience

Rode NT4 Drill

Rode NT4 DX

Røde NT4 Piano

Røde NTG - 1 Drill

Røde NTG - 1 DX

Røde NTG - 1 Piano

Røde NTG - 1 Sideways DX

Røde NTG2 Drill

Røde NTG2 DX

Røde NTG2 DX Sideways

Røde NTG2 Piano

Røde NTG3 Drill

Røde NTG3 DX

Røde NTG3 Piano

Rode NTG3 Sideways

Røde NTG4 Drill

Røde NTG4 Drill High Boost

Røde NTG4 DX

Røde NTG4 DX High Boost

Røde NTG4 Piano

Røde NTG4 Sideways

Røde NTG4 With High Boost Sideways

Røde NTG8 Base Sideways

Røde NTG8 Drill

Røde NTG8 DX

Røde NTG8 Piano

Røde NTG8 Sideways

Røde NTK Drill


Røde NTK Piano

Røde Podcaster Drill

Røde Podcaster DX

Røde Podcaster Piano

Røde VideoMic Pro Drill

Røde VideoMic Pro DX

Rode VideoMic Pro DX Sideways

Røde VideoMic Pro Piano

Røode Video Mic Pro + Drill

Røde Video Mic Pro + Drill High Boost

Røde Video Mic Pro + DX

Røde Video Mic Pro + DX High Boost

Røde Video Mic Pro + Piano

Røde Video Mic Pro + Piano High Boost

Røde Video Mic Pro + Sideways

Royer Labs

Royer Labs DVA 707 Drill

Royer Labs DVA 707 DX

Royer Labs DVA 707 Piano

Royer Labs DVA 747 Drill Cardioid

Royer Labs DVA 747 Drill Omni

Royer Labs DVA 747 DX Cardioid

Royer Labs DVA 747 DX Omni

Royer Labs DVA 747 Piano Cardioid

Royer Labs DVA 747 Piano Omni


Samson Q2U Drill

Samson Q2U DX - Windscreen

Samson Q2U DX

Samson Q2U Piano

Samson Gtrack Pro Drill

Samson Gtrack Pro DX

Samson Gtrack Pro Piano

Samson Q8X Drill

Samson Q8X DX

Samson Q8X DX - Windscreen

Samson Q8X Piano

Samson C02 Drill

Samson C02 DX - Pop Filter

Samson C02 DX - Windscreen

Samson C02 Piano

Samson Go Mic Mobile Handheld Drill

Samson Go Mic Mobile Handheld DX

Samson Go Mic Mobile Handheld Piano

Samson Go Mic Mobile Lav Drill

Samson Go Mic Mobile Lav DX

Samson Go Mic Mobile Lav Piano

Samson Meteor Mic DX

Samson Meteor Mic Drill

Samson Meteor Mic Piano


Sanken COS - 11D Drill

Sanken COS - 11D DX

Sanken COS - 11D Piano

Sanken CS - 1E Drill

Sanken CS - 1E DX

Sanken CS - 1E DX Sideways

Sanken CS - 1E Piano

Sanken CS - 3E Drill

Sanken CS - 3E DX

Sanken CS - 3E DX Sideways

Sanken CS - 3E Piano

Sanken Cub - 01 Drill

Sanken Cub - 01 DX

Sanken Cub - 01 Piano


Saramonic CA Mixer Cardioid LR Drill

Saramonic CA Mixer Cardioid LR DX

Saramonic CA Mixer Cardioids Piano

Saramonic NV5 (Red) Piano

Saramonic NV5 Drill

Saramonic NV5 Sideways DX

Saramonic SR - WM4C Drill

Saramonic SR - WM4C Lav DX

Saramonic SR - WM4C Lav Piano

Saramonic TM - 1 Drill

Saramonic TM - 1 DX

Saramonic TM - 1 Hi - Shelf On Drill

Saramonic TM - 1 Hi - Shelf On DX

Saramonic TM - 1 Piano

Saramonic TM - 1 Sideways DX

Saramonic TM - 7 Drill

Saramonic TM - 7 DX

Saramonic TM - 7 Hi - Shelf On Drill

Saramonic TM - 7 Hi - Shelf On DX

Saramonic TM - 7 Piano

Saramonic TM - 7 Sideways DX

Saramonic UW - Lav Drill

Saramonic UW - Lav Piano

Saramonic UW Lav DX


Schoeps CMIT 5U Drill

Schoeps CMIT 5U DX

Schoeps CMIT 5U DX Sideways

Schoeps CMIT 5U Piano

Schoeps MK 4 Drill

Schoeps MK 4 DX

Schoeps MK 4 Piano

Schoeps MK 41 Drill

Schoeps MK 41 DX

Schoeps MK 41 DX Sideways

Schoeps MK 41 Piano


Sennheiser 421 Drill

Sennheiser 421 DX

Sennheiser 421 Piano

Sennheiser MD46 Drill

Sennheiser MD46 DX

Sennheiser MD46 Piano

Sennheiser ME - 2 Drill

Sennheiser ME - 2 DX

Sennheiser ME - 2 Piano

Sennheiser MKH 416 Drill

Sennheiser MKH 416 DX 

Sennheiser MKH 416 DX Sideways

Sennheiser MKH 416 Piano

Sennheiser MKH 60 Drill

Sennheiser MKH 60 DX

Sennheiser MKH 60 DX Sideways

Sennheiser MKH 60 Piano

Sennheiser MKH 8040 Drill

Sennheiser MKH 8040 DX

Sennheiser MKH 8040 Piano


Soundfield SPS 200 Drill

Soundfield SPS 200 DX

Soundfield SPS 200 Piano


Usi Pro Drill (Stereo XY)

Usi Pro DX (stereo XY)

Usi Pro Piano (stereo XY)


Zoom H2n MS + XY Ambience

Zoom H2n MS + XY Drill

Zoom H2n MS + XY DX

Zoom H2n MS + XY Piano

Zoom MSH - 6 Ambience

Zoom MSH - 6 Drill

Zoom MSH - 6 DX

Zoom MSH - 6 Piano

Zoom SGH-6 Hypercardioid Drill

Zoom SGH-6 Hypercardioid DX

Zoom SGH-6 Hypercardioid Piano

Zoom SSH VO Sideways

Zoom XYH-6 Ambience

Zoom XYH-6 Drill

Zoom XYH-6 DX

Zoom XYH-6 Piano

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