Foley Foolery: Warcraft

Foley Foolery: Warcraft

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In this first installment of Foley Foolery, we take a look at the movie Warcraft for it’s Foley virtuosity.

Why Foley Foolery? Well, the art of Foley is mainly an art whereby the audience is made to believe that one sound is actually another. A sound sleight-of-hand if you will. What do I mean? On the Sound Advice Tour we demonstrated to attendees that cassette tape cane be used to create the sound of grass, leaves and even hefty bags. That’s foolery. We also used corn starch in a Sony headphone bag to emulate boots on snow. Real Foolery. Even if we’re using actual boots on brick and the screen is showing boots on brick, it’s not the same boots or brick that you’re hearing – yet the audience’s mind is fooled into thinking that it is.

Foley is the most important element of immersion in your film. If you don’t get foley right, or if it’s mixed wrong, the impact of your movie or media is lost. Even in wedding videos like we discuss in the MZed Pro Membership Education.

In this movie, Warcraft delivers a sledgehammer of Foley to its audiences with battles with thousands of warriors each wearing earrings, necklaces, loose clothing, and all manner of jewelry – all of which needs to be recorded and mixed. Brutal. But what I want to show you is a small scene where Foley makes SUCH a difference even though it’s incredibly subtle. Take a look at the clip below and see if you don’t feel how important Foley is.

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