Flash! AH-AH! Valhalla DSP Updates Their Flagships!
Valhalla Room gets a nice GUI Update

Flash! AH-AH! Valhalla DSP Updates Their Flagships!

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If you’ve spent any time on the Pro Member’s Education Volumes 3 or 4, you know I’m an avid user (no pun intended) of Valhalla DSP plugins. From their free Freq Echo to their Shimmer and Room products. This is the first update to Room I’ve seen since using it and the first major update to Vintage and Shimmer I can remember.

What’s New in Room?

In Room, good man Sean Costello, the genius behind the VDSP products, left everything which is great about

Valhalla Room gets a nice GUI Update

Room alone and focused on the GUI. Now you have several ways to look at it, and it has a smaller, easier to navigate interface. I personally like the “aqua” colored version of it. It was always easy to use, but it’s easier now. Nice.

He also gave us some under the hood fixes like handling the zipper issues with the mix slider and giving us a new super efficient reverb algorithm: Sulaco.

  • Like its similarly named fellow modes, Nostromo and Narcissus, Sulaco is Dark. In this case, “Dark” means that the top octave is gone – no audible energy above 1/4 the sampling rate. There probably is some energy if you look at a spectrogram, but it will be at least -100 dB down, so “gone” is a good way of describing things.
  • Sulaco is also light. Not necessarily in sound, but in CPU. It is probably the 2nd lowest mode CPU wise, with Narcissus still leading in terms of thriftiness.
  • The original goal of Sulaco was to produce a smaller room sound. This can be achieved by setting Late Size to
    Freq Echo
    Freq Echo Can Create Amazing Binaural Beats

    a smaller setting. In general, this control has a lot more range in Sulaco than in some of the other more room-ish VRoom modes (Large Room, Large Chamber, Dark Chamber, Dark Space). Turn the Late Size control up, and discrete early reflections can be heard. Use Early Send to smooth these out, or leave them as is according to your own tastes.

  • Sulaco has a LOT of modulation going on inside of it, of the “detuning” variety.
  • The stereo image in Sulaco is somewhat different than the other reverb modes. The Late Cross control will affect the stereo imaging of the output, with higher values resulting in a more “mixed” stereo image of the initial Late output (in the other modes, Late Cross affects the decay, but not the initial stereo image). This can help in producing a more “solid” stereo image, which can work well with drums and other percussive instruments.

Thank you Sean.

Valhalla Shimmer

What’s New in Shimmer?

Shimmer 1.04 beta now boasts not only its trademark stereo inputs but now mono in – and – out versions for when you need the Shimmer effect on single channels – which is every day in sound effects land. It also has some OS fixes and enhancements. Shimmer is not as CPU “lean” as it’s brethren are, so efficiency upgrades are welcome for this one.

Vintage Verb
Vintage Verb for All Your Plate and Hall Needs

What’s New in Vintage Verb?

VV gets a pretty strong update with two new algorithms Chaotic Hall and Chaotic Chamber combine vintage-style digital reverb algorithms with sonic artifacts inspired by tape echoes, to product lush reverbs that easily fit into a mix. The’ve also added a new “dark” GUI option for the NOW mode. If you love the sound of those old plate/hall verbs, VV is something you should have in your arsenal.

The Price is Right

First, Sean is a super cool dude who responds to his e-mail personally. Second, for $50 a plugin you can buy all his plugins for the price of some other manufacturers’ single reverb. Third, if you already own one of these plugins, your update is free.

Look for the review of Valhallah Room to come to Cinema Sound soon.

Do you use Room, Vintage or Shimmer? Let us know or Tweet about it!

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