Fixing Mic Bumps in iZotope RX The Easy Way

Fixing Mic Bumps in iZotope RX The Easy Way

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Mic bumps are the bane of recording regardless of the kind or make of microphone used. If you bump the mic during a take, you’ve got a problem. In this article we’ll look at how to fix those issues using iZotope RX5.

A microphone bump is the sound which happens when the diaphragm of the mic is traumatized by an external hit to it. This usually causes a large bass frequency smack with various annoying high frequencies. It basically makes the thing you’re trying to record sound like it was just sucker punched in the face. Lousy.

Thanks to the miracle of spectral editing in RX and other apps like Adobe Audition, we can fix this to a large degree. Take a look at this excerpt from the Pro Members Education and see if you don’t start getting excited about the possibilities in RX for saving takes which were otherwise lost.

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