Film Scoring How To: Making Harp Glisses Sound Real with Samples

Film Scoring How To: Making Harp Glisses Sound Real with Samples

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This video shows you a trick which 96% of film composers NEVER USE – and have forgotten how to use – but the great film composers ALWAYS use it.

In this video, award winning composer and presenter for Cinema Sound shows us another video in the “Film Scoring How To:” series, Making Harp Glisses Sound Real with Samples. If you don’t PLAY the harp, then making harp sound real with samples is something you’re probably not doing well. It’s easy to make killer real harp performances in-the-box once you understand how the harp works – which is unlike any other instrument in the orchestra. In this video, Mark also shows you how IMPORTANT using harp is to create that $million sound. Mark is bringing a little education on why they’re good, and how to best use them in your film or media project.

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