DO NOT UPGRADE to Mojave/Catalina if You Run NVIDIA

DO NOT UPGRADE to Mojave/Catalina if You Run NVIDIA

Let this just be a simple note to any who are considering “upgrading” to MacOS Mojave or Catalina. We recently did so – to Mojave from what we call “Sierra Leone” (because it was like what the country looks like on the news to upgrade) – and we’ve had little trouble with any of the software or hardware we use.

Except for one thing:

None of our video cards worked. It didn’t take us long to discover that Apple is throwing a tantrum and refuses to support NVIDIA cards from Sierra Leone onwards. Worse, it appears they’re doing their OWN GPU hardware – which means soon they’ll likely support none. So if you have an NVIDIA GPU in your mac that you’ve loved running Resolve or Premiere under CUDA with, you’re DEAD MEAT if you upgrade. You’ll be forced to run the standard, sub-standard Apple graphics software which neuters your GPU and will render acceleration dead.

Now, you can always upgrade your PCIe macs with an AMD card. Easy. But if you’ve got a 2013 or later laptop, you’re done. No more CUDA. No more NVIDIA. No more editing footage. In any event, Metal is almost certainly faster than CUDA in modern cards, so that part is fine. But that we have to run under apple software for everything but our NLE makes life so great.

Of course, if you’re like us and have 2010-2012 cheese-grater macs, then you’ll only be able to upgrade to Mojave as those macs will no longer be supported by Apple. So nice. This means whatever future support MAY turn out from a making-amends between the two corporate giants, Mojave users won’t participate.

So take good care and do your research if you’re going to upgrade outside of 10.13. At the very least, it could cost you several hundred dollars in new hardware.

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