CS Poll: What’s the Most Difficult Aspect of Sound For You?
Sincerely, Mark Edward Lewis

CS Poll: What’s the Most Difficult Aspect of Sound For You?

I’m about to launch a series of products directed toward filmmakers in both educational content and presets, libraries, and physical products. I want all of these products to be the only ones of their kind, and I want them to be so valuable to filmmakers at such a ridiculously cheap price, that everyone will want one-or-all of them. I’ve created this poll to hear from you filmmakers and media creators: what’s the most difficult aspect of sound for you?

In DISQUS fields below, do let me know what is the most difficult aspect of sound in production or post production which you run into. If this were handled for you – you never had a problem with this again – your life would be SO much better. What are those things? Be verbose!

I’m trying to create education and articles to support you all to win in your film endeavors. And the best way for me to know how to do that is to just hear from you!

Budget? Microphone Choices? Equipment Issues? Editing Platform Concerns? Mixing problems? Dialog Cleanup frustration? Music muckery or dealing with composer deals?

Do let me know here, and I’ll do my best to quickly come up with practical solutions for you as well as create additional products and education.

I can’t wait to hear what your issues are, and I can’t wait to help you jump start your current and next productions!


Mark Edward Lewis

Sincerely, Mark Edward Lewis
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