The Cinema Sound YouTube Channel Has Arrived!

As we move forward with Cinema Sound, we’re going to amass a good deal of media for these articles.

Join us on Youtube

The bulk of that media will be stored in two places: SoundCloud (audio only) and Youtube (video). The SoundCloud account will be somewhat esoterically used, because the clips we’ll be streaming here from there will only have context while linked to their respective articles. In other words, you’re welcome to visit it and listen, but it may not make much sense. The YouTube channel, on the other hand, will be an ever growing reference of clips, examples, education, demos and more. Every video there, of course, will be linked to articles here of course, but it will stand on its own as an additional and searchable source for media and help as you continue to journey toward achieving the Hollywood $50 million sound in your productions.

Feel free to share the channel link liberally around social media as you don’t have to be a Pro Member in order to enjoy all the content there. I’m excited to be able to share with you all the power of getting that 80% Audience Impact in your productions, and our YouTube channel is just another resource for you to get it all handled.

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