Cinema Sound LiteSpeed Released!

Cinema Sound LiteSpeed Released!

We are proud to announce that our newest product Cinema Sound LiteSpeed is now available for purchase and streaming forever!

Cinema Sound Lite Speed is a 2.5 hour incredibly efficient and effective review of the entire 90+ hour Cinema Sound education. This video takes the 4 or 5 most important elements of what makes great Hollywood sound a reality from each of the disciplines in the larger format education: Record, Edit, Fix, Effects, Music, Mix.

While there are hundreds of tools, tricks and protocols which Hollywood audio creatives and filmmakers employ when making media, there are only a couple dozen which make the most difference and are the EASIEST to understand and learn. In nearly any production, the elements in Cinema Sound Lite Speed are available to be used to maximize audience impact and improve followings and sales.

After viewing this video, you should have a powerful understanding of how to make your shooting and post production audio significantly more effective, better quality and faster schedules.

This entire video is taught from Cinema Sound’s main presenter, Mark Edward Lewis and there are excerpts from the larger format education. 70% of this education is original, and Mark created this for the media creative who doesn’t have the time to watch all 90 hours of the larger product, but really want to start their productions down a path of excellence.

This product is also an excellent jumping-off point to eventually go through the Cinema Sound education.

It really is the fastest way to get immersed in the Cinema Sound education. Get your copy here:

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