The Cinema Sound Forum Has Arrived!
The Cinema Sound Forum is Live!

The Cinema Sound Forum Has Arrived!

During the course of the transition of the 85+ hour Cinema Sound education to MZed Pro Membership, some of the functionality of the education’s delivery has been temporarily suspended. Soon, however, all of the table of contents and chapter headings Cinema Sound members have counted on to jump to exactly what they wanted to learn will be returned. Nice.

Unfortunately, there will no longer be a direct chapter-by-chapter connection to the education on or here on Cinema Sound.

The Cinema Sound Forum is Live!

However, something even better has arrived: The Cinema Sound Forum. Here, there are built in threads for all your questions to be asked categorized by Cinema Sound Education Volume and so much more. Consider this your place for direct contact with me other than posting on these articles here on the blog.

Soon, it will become a fantastic resource with files, responses, and media for all MZed Pro Members to partake and benefit. You’re always welcome to post on any article something that you’d like clarification about, and for the MZed Pro Education, thank you for using the Cinema Sound Forum.

Also, for those of you who posted while the Cinema Sound education was hosted here, all of those responses and questions are under the “In Case You Missed It” heading.

Thanks again for your continued support of Independent Filmmakers and Independent Media competing directly with Hollywood media…and for helping Cinema Sound help you all get there.


Mark Edward Lewis

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