Cinema Sound Certification has Arrived!

Cinema Sound Certification has Arrived!

Many of you, now, have been through the entire Cinema Sound 85+ hour education and have become masterful at creating incredibly immersive audio for picture. After this incredible investment of time and energy, it’s only fair that you be able to have your knowledge certified for the benefit of all to see – and your employers to hire you more readily.

Several of you have asked for a Certification, and we’ve just launched it: the Cinema Sound Certification exams.

There are four Certification exams which you can invest in to become a Certified Member of Cinema Sound in the discipline you’ve chosen:

  • General Audio Technician
    • A general understanding of all the aspects of sound production and post
  • Recordist
    • A high-level mastery of recording techniques on set and delivering those elements to post production
  • Post Production Audio Technician
    • A high-level master of the post production audio process including cleaning dialog, recording sound effects, ambiences, foley and mixing them all together, along with efficient and exemplary delivery of all elements
  • Re-Recordist/Surround Mixer
    • A high-level mastery of mixing all audio elements together while choosing the right emphasis of the three aspects of sound moment-by-moment, delivering all elements and dealing with ADR and VO.

Each of these exams has a battery of written questions as well as audio examples to scrutinize. The specific discipline exams also have a strong component of creating audio yourself and submitting for examination.

These Certification Exams are all available at the Cinema Sound store. You can already see we have our first Certified General Audio Technician in the form of Mr. Ross Hamil. It is our intent to insure that Certified Cinema

Congratulations to our first Certification (#001) to Ross Hamil

Sound Members receive the highest acclaim so they can be considered resources for Audio production in their areas. Why? Because great and skilled audio people are like Astronauts: they’re incredibly rare to find.

All the instructions for the examination process are found on the store, and we’ve created a bundle of all three of the specific discipline Certifications (Recordist, Post Production Audio Technician, Re-Recordist/Surround Mixer) for a discount. These three exams together bring far more clout and leverage than the single General Audio Certification – plus once you pass all three, you’ll have your name on the website three times!

We’re looking forward to supporting you in your careers and dreams, and we’re very pleased to be able to answer your requests for Cinema Sound Certification.

General Audio Technician Certification

Recordist Certification

Post Production Audio Technician Certification

Re-Recordist/Surround Mixer Certification

All Three Major Disciplines Bundle


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