Lewis Says…1-7-19

Lewis Says... "It's that time of year where Hollywood falls asleep - from Thanksgiving to the end of the Oscars. Where nothing really happens in town except for screenings and…

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Lewis Says…12-14-18

Lewis Says... "Our biggest and most popular video on our Youtube Channel is our video on where to put Surround Sound speakers. What we've discovered is that the reason that video is…

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Lewis Says…11-27-18

Lewis Says... "If you're like me, you can't find anything in your e-mail box, because you're inundated with e-mails about Sales, Cyber-this, Black-that. I've had two clients tell me they…

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Lewis Says…11-23-18

Lewis Says... "Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - ruined by this health challenge I'm on. I mean, sure, I look forward to Christmas, Independence day and - of…

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Lewis Says…11-19-18

Lewis Says... "I was 12 when I took my first recording class at Fullerton Community College. My dad was on staff there teaching stringed instruments, and it was a no-brainer for…

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