Adobe Audition Update Revealed
Smart Monitoring in Action

Adobe Audition Update Revealed

I realize this article is a little bit late, and Audition is about to have a MAJOR update soon, but the key features of the Audition update in October release need to be shown. Why? Because they’re totally dope, and I’m going to be doing some demos of them for you soon…so get ready!

The Basics

If you’ve been through any of the Cinema Sound/MZed Pro Member Education you know how powerful Audition can be. Slicing through an 80+ track mix in 3D headphone surround plus tons of plugins is not something any pro-sumer DAW can do. Audition does this we ease. These new additions to Audition: Auto Ducking, Editing Feature Updates, Fade Feature Updates, Performance Improvements, Video Timecode Overlay and Smart Monitoring are tailored, seemingly, exclusively for we independent filmmakers, and I for one am stoked to see these show up.

You can learn more about these updates by clicking here.

Auto Ducking

Auto Ducking in the Essential Sound Panel

Yes. I HATE Ducks. Don’t use them. But when it comes to dealing with the difficulty of blending the emotion of music with the story of dialog, sometimes that music fader does a lot of moving – and that takes time to automate and get just right. Auto Ducking allows for any channel to be reduced or “ducked” when the dialog – or any other content (like sound effects) – enter the mix. This feature is a part of the Essential Sound Panel, and we’ll be doing an exposé on it soon. But if you’re a podcaster or interviewer, this is GOLD for you and should probably save hours of your life for sleeping or drinking.

Smart Monitoring

One of the difficulties with using Audition as an ADR platform is its inability to navigate listening to recorded

Smart Monitoring in Action

tracks vs. microphone input on the same track. When in record, the input of the channel is heard, but when in playback, the track will only play back prerecorded clips. This is fine unless you need to hear the microphone input while the talent is recording their line in ADR…while having heard the preceding line from a prerecord. Couldn’t be done. UNTIL NOW. With “Smart Monitoring” Audition now “opens the channel” to the input during recording (and punch in recording) while playing back prerecorded clips on either side of the punch. Nice. It also allows for smart organizing of stacked clips and takes.

Fade Feature Update

One of the super cool updates is the ability to symmetrically control in and out fades at the same time. New key commands also allow you to change the shape of fades in a way otherwise impossible.

New Fade Key Commands and Symmetry

Video Timecode Overlay

We can now easily add a video timecode overlay to video tracks (generated). And while you could always create a window for timecode, now you can mash it on your video window and have it go out a separate video output.

Mackie HUI Support

Most folks don’t realize that Audition supports more control surface codecs than nearly any DAW. Well, now it

Video Timecode Overlays!

finally supports HUI: Mackie’s dominant MIDI-level control surface interface. Now you can use nearly every kind of controller there is to control Audition.

New Dynamics Plugin

My favorite addition is the the Dynamics Plugin. We’ll be posting about this little gem as well. Unlike the original

The New “Dynamics” Plugin

“dynamics processing” plugin, this one is controlled by “straight forward” analog style buttons which are easy to understand and implement. Unfortunately, it can’t receive key/side-chain information like it’s predecessor can, but having a built in Gate, Expander, Compressor and Limiter in one handy plugin is a wonderful addition to the powerful Audition arsenal.

The Final Word

Now look, this is old news. I grant you. And we’re about to see a MAJOR update to Audition which will blow your doors off. But it’s still good to take a look at these good old updates (which I’m betting you didn’t even know were there!) and be grateful that the good folks on the Audition team take such care in updating their software so regularly and listening so closely to their user pool.

Thanks Durin and Co!


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