The Cinema Sound Audio Education

The 85+ hour Cinema Sound education is the only comprehensive audio education of its kind in the world. It take viewers from the most basic understanding of recording and mixing all the way through the highest level of Hollywood-level audio immersion and surround sound tips and tricks. Buy or Rent the Entire Education, individual Volumes or Chapters by clicking here.

This is mandatory knowledge and skills if you intend to compete in the media marketplace. Your competition knows all this, and Cinema Sound members are:

  • mastering their outputs to deal with the hearing mechanism sensitivities
  • creating internet loudness that forces their listeners to subconsciously LIKE their product better than yours
  • making their dialog cleaner than yours
  • learning how to layer sounds in the mix so their emotional impact is stronger than yours
  • editing their audio faster and smarter so they can spend time on the other areas of post production
  • creating Hollywood-level immersions for their audiences so they can manipulate them to believe whatever they want – and sell them on concepts, products and beliefs
  • spending 40% less money on post production because they learned how to solve problems before they got there
  • using the right microphones and recorders with tricks no longer taught in film school to get the most out of production sound so there’s little to no ADR
  • using this old-time-but-forgotten trick to do ADR in 1-tenth the time you can
  • using and editing music so that audiences are emotionally manipulated to feel what our members want them to feel from moment to moment.

If you don’t purchase the Cinema Sound 85 hour education, you’re already behind everyone else.

As an MZed Pro Member or a Cinema Sound Member, you can purchase for unlimited streaming the ENTIRE education for $499. You can also purchase individual volumes or chapters and you may even RENT any chapter or volume for a steep discount.

Want to know what you’ll learn? Here’s the entire curriculum:

  • Introduction
  • Volume 1: Record
    • Chapter 1: Process, Perfection and Purpose (1hr 33m)
    • Chapter 2: The Recording Process (1hr 42m)
    • Chapter 3: Microphones & Other Weapons (57m)
    • Chapter 4: Lavaliers & Other Munitions (42m)
    • Chapter 5: Sonic Booms & Advanced Microphone Tricks (1hr 4m)
    • Chapter 6: Recorders, Roll Sound, Now What? (1hr 38m)
    • Chapter 7: Solving Issues on Set – An Anthology (56m)
    • Chapter 8: The Review (9m)
    • Chapter 9: Shoot the Scenes (10m)
    • Bonus Chapter: RØDE Microphones Factory Tour (1hr 1m)
  • Volume 2: Edit
    • Chapter 1: Advanced Editing I (1hr 25m)
    • Chapter 2: Advanced Editing II (1hr 22m)
    • Chapter 3: Advanced Editing III (52m)
    • Chapter 4: Final Edit (2hr 8m)
    • Chapter 5: Export (1hr 34m)
    • Chapter 6: SFX Editing Basics (25m)
  • Volume 3: Fix
    • Chapter 1: Resurrecting Dead Audio Basics (1hr 21m)
    • Chapter 2: Killing the Noise & Artifacts I (1hr 7m)
    • Chapter 3: Killing the Noise & Artifacts II (1hr 28m)
    • Chapter 4: Advanced Dialog Clean-up I (1hr 3m)
    • Chapter 5: Advanced Dialog Clean-up II (54m)
    • Chapter 6: Multiple Issues, Multiple Solutions (1hr 12m)
    • Chapter 7: Dialog to the Cleaners I (58m)
    • Chapter 8: Dialog to the Cleaners II (47m)
    • Chapter 9: Dialog to the Cleaners III (52m)
    • Chapter 10: ADR Recording & Revolution (39m)
    • Chapter 11: ADR Mixing (1hr 4m)
    • Chapter 12: Dialog Mixing, Editing & Export I (1hr 3m)
    • Chapter 13: Dialog Mixing, Editing & Export II (52m)
    • Chapter 14: Dialog Mixing, Editing & Export III (1hr 5m)
    • Bonus Chapter: Killing the Noise & Artifacts in Adobe Audition (59m)
  • Volume 4: Effects
    • Chapter 1: An Intro to SFX (1hr 8m)
    • Chapter 2: Foley, Folks and Fun (1hr 31m)
    • Chapter 3: Tips, Tricks and Terror (1hr 41m)
    • Chapter 4: Loop Groups (49m)
    • Chapter 5: Sound Effects Recording (55m)
    • Chapter 6: Advanced Microphone Techniques (1hr 10m)
    • Chapter 7: Basic Crunching of SFX (1hr 20m)
    • Chapter 8: Advanced Crunching of Recorded SFX (1hr 4m)
    • Chapter 9: Misusing Software for the Best Results (47m)
    • Chapter 10: The Art of Layering SFX (1hr 16m)
    • Chapter 11: Ambiences (1hr 25m)
  • Volume 5: Music (coming soon)
    • Chapter 1: Music, Emotion and Moving Pictures
    • Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Music I
    • Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Music II
    • Chapter 4: Music Editing I
    • Chapter 5: Music Editing II
    • Chapter 6: Working with the Composer
    • Chapter 7: The Process of Writing Music
    • Chapter 8: Better and Best Examples in Scenes
  • Volume 6 (Part I): Mixing Theory and Effects (coming soon)
    • Chapter 1: The Basics of Being a Master Mixer
    • Chapter 2: Master of Plugin Effects (Reverb)
    • Chapter 3: Master of Plugin Effects (Delay Effects)
    • Chapter 4: Master of Plugin Effects (Special Effects & Layering)
    • Chapter 5: Master of Plugin Effects (Dynamic Effects)
  • Volume 6 (Part II): The Mix (coming soon)
    • Chapter 6: Master Mixer – Dialog (Basics)
    • Chapter 7: Master Mixer – Dialog (ENG & Donuts Mixes)
    • Chapter 8: Master Mixer – Dialog (Action Mix)
    • Chapter 9: Master Mixer – Dialog (Macbeth Mix)
    • Chapter 10: Master Mixer – Dialog (Beach Mix)
    • Chapter 11: Master Mixer – Ambiences (ENG & Action Mixes)
    • Chapter 12: Master Mixer – Ambiences (Donuts, Macbeth & Beach Mixes)
    • Chapter 13: Master Mixer – Sound Effects
    • Chapter 14: Master Mixer – Foley (Macbeth Mix)
    • Chapter 15: Master Mixer – Foley (Action Mix)
    • Chapter 16: Master Mixer – Foley (Donuts, ENG & Beach Mixes)
    • Chapter 17: Master Mixer – Music (Theory & Macbeth Mix)
    • Chapter 18: Master Mixer – Music (Donuts, ENG, Beach & Action Mixes)
    • Chapter 19: Master Mixer – Integrate and Tweeze (ENG, Beach & Macbeth Mixes)
    • Chapter 20: Master Mixer – Integrate and Tweeze (Action & Donuts Mixes)
  • Volume 6 (Part III): Mixing Delivery and Compliance (coming soon)
    • Chapter 21: Conform and Control Yourself
    • Chapter 22: Mastering and Export
    • Chapter 23: Downmixing, Organization & Cheating
    • Chapter 24: The Mixing Breakdown
    • Chapter 25: Internet Mixing, Loudness & Cheating
  • Volume 7: Workspace
    • Chapter 1: Home Studio – The Basics (54m)
    • Chapter 2: Home Studio – Advanced Knowledge (1hr 20m)
  • Volume 8: Inspiration
    • Chapter 1: Inspiration, Vocation & Dedication (40m)
    • Chapter 2: Examples to Inspire (1hr 24m)

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