The Cinema Sound Education

The 85+ hour Cinema Sound education is the only comprehensive audio education of its kind in the world.. It takes viewers from the most basic understanding of recording and mixing all the way through the highest level of Hollywood-level audio immersion and surround sound tips and tricks. This is mandatory knowledge and skills if you intend to compete in the media marketplace. Your competition knows all this, and Cinema Sound members are:
  • mastering their outputs to deal with the brain’s hearing sensitivities
  • creating internet loudness that forces their listeners to subconsciously LIKE their product better than yours
  • making their dialog cleaner than yours
  • learning how to layer sounds in the mix so their emotional impact is stronger than yours
  • editing their audio faster and smarter so they can spend time on the other areas of post production
  • creating Hollywood-level immersions for their audiences so they can manipulate them to believe whatever they want – and sell them on concepts, products and beliefs
  • spending 40% less money on post production because they learned how to solve problems before they got there
  • using the right microphones and recorders with tricks no longer taught in film school to get the most out of production sound so there’s little to no ADR
  • using this old-time-but-forgotten trick to do ADR in 1-tenth the time you can
  • using and editing music so that audiences are emotionally manipulated to feel what our members want them to feel from moment to moment.
Unlike other education programs where you’re left to yourself to figure things out, Cinema Sound purchasers have direct access to the main instructor, Mark Edward Lewis via e-mail, his live show and via the Cinema Sound Facebook Group.  If you don’t purchase the Cinema Sound education, you’re already behind everyone else.

Want to know what you’ll learn? Here’s the entire curriculum:

View the credits for the Cinema Sound audio education series. 

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