In the “Edit Inspiration” you’ll learn the best way to start your career in sound for picture as well as what all those jobs do in production and post. You’ll also spend an hour with Mark reviewing some of his favorite moments in film and get some inspiring examples of some of the greatest Hollywood moments in immersive filmmaking.

Chapter 1: Inspiration, Vocation & Dedication (40m)

In this chapter Mark gives his wisdom on getting work as an audio expert in media, how to have a powerful mindset to accomplish getting the $50 million impact into your production and leads you in taking the pledge of excellence.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:05
Audio Jobs 00:00:47
Requirements for Immersion 00:11:56
Audio Alchemy: Having the Right Mindset 00:22:44
The Pledge 00:28:49
On Getting A Job: Being Unstoppable 00:31:45
Chapter 2: Examples to Inspire (1hr 24m)

In this final chapter of Cinema Sound, Mark takes us through 19 of his favorite audio clips from movies and other media that inspire him and demonstrate what excellence looks like from the Hollywood perspective.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:05
“Dark Knight” 00:00:36
“Independence Day” 00:10:32
“John Carter” 00:12:23
“Transformers 2” 00:14:29
“Prelude to Axanar” (The Power of Foley) 00:20:15
“Korn” (Stereo Field Enhancement) 00:29:09
“2001: A Space Odyssey” 00:32:43
“Iron Man” 00:35:50
“The Matrix: Reloaded” 00:40:52
“Contact” 00:43:51
“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” 00:48:33
“Inception” 00:52:02
“Tron” 00:56:25
“Tron: Legacy” 01:00:21
“Star Wars: A New Hope” 01:05:27
“Pacific Rim” 01:09:17
Burp to Kaiju 01:12:02
“Master and Commander” 01:13:39
“Wall-E” 01:17:19
Wrap Up 01:19:48
Sponsor Thanks 01:20:50
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