In the “Workspace Volume” you’ll learn how to treat and tune your workspace easily and effortlessly so your mixes translate in any environment. You’ll also learn to position your stereo and surround speakers to the Dolby standard for optimum listening as well as how to avoid the most frequent mistakes most filmmakers make when doing mixes and listening themselves.

Chapter 1: Home Studio – The Basics (54m)

In this chapter, Mark begins the process of showing us the issues involved with mixing in bad workspaces, how to fix bad workspaces, the kinds of speakers and headphones to mix on, and how to fix the basic issues of most workspaces.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:05
Terms 00:00:55
Reflections 00:06:30
Pink Vs. White Noise 00:08:22
What Speakers To Buy 00:10:07
What Headphones to Buy 00:14:29
The Nature of Highs and Lows 00:17:25
Does Room Treatment Matter? 00:23:30
Killing the Sound of the Room 00:25:49
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Reflections 00:27:43
Primary Reflection Demonstration 00:29:05
The Easy Primary Reflection Fix 00:30:57
Types of Speakers 00:35:57
Single Drivers 00:38:32
TV Drivers 00:41:18
Laptop Drivers 00:42:27
Dual Drivers 00:44:44
Tri Drivers 00:48:07
Wrap Up 00:53:40
Chapter 2: Home Studio – Advanced Knowledge (1hr 20m)

In this chapter, we delve deeply into room tuning, the kinds of equipment we need to buy – and in what order – speaker placement, person placement and how to cheat the whole process!

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:04
Where to Position Yourself & Your Speakers 00:00:51
Speaker Placement Protocol 00:06:51
Why do Speakers Have to be Equadistant? 00:18:54
Master Output Delays – to Solve Distance Issues 00:22:24
Dealing With Parallel Walls 00:22:59
Tuning Your Room – The Levels 00:26:12
Tuning Your Room – Knowing Your Delivery 00:32:02
Speaker Stands 00:33:25
Speaker Wattage/Power Considerations 00:40:25
Finding and Auditioning Speakers 00:44:02
Tuning Your Room – The DIY Cheat 00:48:39
What Gear to Buy First 01:08:37
Wrap Up 01:18:15
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