In the “Effects Volume” you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to create powerful Hollywood-level immersive audio for your productions. From how to record your own foley to layering sound effects, to creating surround sound ambiences and even how to create and have fun making loop group sessions, this volume covers it all. Included in this volume is also the kinds of microphones to use for best results when recording sound effects and the best way to process and mix sound effect for the final stages of re-recording in post production.

Chapter 1: An Intro to SFX (1hr 8m)

In this Introductory chapter to the effects volume, we jump right in to spotting the five example videos for foley and sound effects.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
“Dark Knight” Review 00:00:36
Terms 00:03:57
ENG Foley Spotting 00:05:56
Macbeth Foley Spotting 00:15:09
Action Foley Spotting 00:26:31
Donut Sound Effect Spotting (Front) 00:35:19
Donut Foley Spotting 00:43:18
Donut Sound Effect Spotting (end) 00:52:59
Beach Foley Spotting 01:02:14
Wrap Up 01:07:54
Chapter 2: Foley, Folks and Fun (1hr 31m)

In this fun chapter, we are taken through many sessions of recording foley and shown how to most efficiently capture great foley performances.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
“House of Cards” Review Example 2 00:00:49
Foley Creation Introduction 00:01:52
Foley In The Closet (Coming Into the Closet) 00:03:40
Foley Pits 00:08:55
Shoes for Foley Footsteps 00:13:46
Shoe Demonstrations 00:14:55
Wedding Foley 00:17:08
Recording Foley 00:20:16
Setting Adobe Audition 00:22:45
Recording Footsteps (Sand) 00:24:35
Recording Sand Footsteps for Beach Scene 00:28:16
More things to Consider in Recording Sand Footsteps 00:32:22
Drops and Sand Effects 00:33:02
Clothing Foley Cheats 00:35:55
Jackets on and Off (Beach) 00:38:54
Shoes on Concrete (Action) 00:42:07
Complex Jacket Removal (Action) 00:50:39
Clothing Handling for Foley 00:52:47
Using Foley to Solve Continuity Issues 00:56:26
Gun Foley 00:58:46
Solving Foley Box Wall Primary Reflections 01:01:13
Footsteps for Macbeth 01:02:44
Doing Wild Footstep Foley Off Camera 01:04:27
Inverted Shoe Motion (Macbeth) 01:06:40
Dog Foley 01:08:14
Footsteps on Grass (with Tape) 01:09:21
Footsteps on Grass (Donuts) 01:12:13
Clothing Foley Example (Donuts) 01:14:42
Complex Backpack Layering Foley 01:17:11
Multiple Foley Sounds Simultaneously 01:20:22
Complex Clothing Foley Cheats (Shirt Pull Down) 01:23:35
ENG Foley Considerations 01:25:17
Ideal Footstep Techniques 01:29:27
Wrap Up 01:30:53
Chapter 3: Tips, Tricks and Terror (1hr 41m)

In this chapter we discover ways to fool the brain with “foley cheats”, how to manage multiple noisy foley recordings with “batch capture,” we’re introduced to DTC mixing, and we have our first look at controlling foley from a keyboard.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
Foley Organization and Routing 00:00:39
Batch Denoise – Adobe Audition 00:06:51
Batch Denoise – iZotope RX 00:14:18
Foley Editing 00:22:05
Foley Mixing Basics 00:24:28
Distance To Camera Mixing – Foley 00:34:05
Distance To Camera Mixing Macbeth 00:35:23
Foley Sound Cheats Introduction 00:40:13
– Watermelon (body stabs) 00:41:15
– Corn Starch (footsteps in snow) 00:42:53
– Grass/Leaves (Cassette Tape) 00:43:20
– Bones Breaking (Baked Chicken Bones) 00:43:37
– Chain Link Fence (Metal Rake) 00:44:16
– Bird Wings (Leather Gloves) 00:44:43
– Face Punch (Meat) 00:45:08
– Body Punch (Sand Bag) 00:45:32
– BIG Punch (Phone Book) 00:45:39
– Head Crush (Romaine Lettuce) 00:46:21
Foley Across Keys in Logic Pro 00:47:13
Slate Digital Raven Introduction 00:48:26
Foley Across Keys in Logic Pro – Continued 00:52:24
Foley Across Keys in Logic Pro – Example 2 01:06:29
Keyboard Mapped Foley Practical Example 01:18:24
MIDI In Adobe Audition with Sample Tank 01:24:55
Wrap Up 01:40:01
Chapter 4: Loop Groups (49m)

In this fun chapter we learn all about loop groups, how to record them, how to have the performers perform, how to do loop group foley, and how to layer them all together.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
“Mask of Zorro” Review 00:00:24
Loop Group Introduction 00:01:10
The Process of Loop Groups 00:02:48
Walla Recording Examples 00:05:28
– Light Conversation 00:05:28
– Loud Conversation 00:06:57
– Whispers 00:07:32
– Coversation Gender Specific 00:08:27
– “Goodbye!” 00:09:38
– Confusion 00:10:34
– Call Outs 00:12:18
– Shock & Awe 00:13:03
– Reactions 00:14:06
– Call Center 00:15:31
– The Brawl 00:16:53
– The Party 00:18:40
– Screams 00:19:38
– Crying 00:20:14
– Laughing 00:22:09
– Short Laughs 00:23:01
– “Whoah!” 00:24:27
– Crowd “Defense!” 00:24:55
– Applause 00:26:57
Foley Loop Groups 00:27:44
– Plate Foley 00:27:44
– Silverware Foley 00:28:50
– Toasting Foley 00:30:37
– Chair/Sitting Foley 00:31:45
– Carpet Zombies 00:32:46
Casting for Loop Groups 00:33:47
Recording Loop Groups on Set 00:35:39
Layering Loop Groups 00:36:45
Wrap Up 00:48:45
Chapter 5: Sound Effects Recording (55m)

In this chapter we discover the importance of recording our own sound effects, how best to do it, how to sync and layer them in post, and we’re introduced to several amazing plugins.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
Why Record Sound Effects at All? 00:00:36
What Microphones to Use in SFX Recording 00:01:54
Which Recorder to Use in SFX Recording 00:05:56
SFX Recording Levels 00:11:01
File Storage Considerations for Cards 00:12:16
Syncing and Layering SFX 00:14:46
Syncing and Layering SFX (Door Open) 00:27:35
Syncing and Layering SFX (Gun Fire) 00:33:48
Introduction: Zynaptiq Morph 00:40:36
Wrap Up 00:54:34
Chapter 6: Advanced Microphone Techniques (1hr 10m)

In this chapter we’re shown the value of understanding the distance from source to microphone, what different stereo and mono mic configurations do to the sound, how to always notice the sound effects around us, and how to best turn every day items into amazing SFX.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
Microphone Distance Issues 00:00:56
Junkyard Sound Effects Examples 00:01:27
Junkyard Glass Examples 00:07:19
Microphone Uniqueness 00:09:26
Crash Cymbal Example (Hypercardioid) 00:09:58
Crash Cymbal Example (M/S Hypercardioid) 00:14:14
Mixing Bowl (Hypercardioid) 00:17:19
Mixing Bowl (X/Y) 00:20:05
Mixing Bowl (M/S) 00:21:27
Mixing Bowl (M/S Hypercardioid) 00:21:52
Tire Rim (M/S Hypercardioid) 00:23:09
Sound Effects Are Everywhere (The Cotton Silos) 00:27:13
The Singing Cotton Silo 00:33:09
The Semi Scale 00:36:46
The Cannon Wall 00:41:14
The Grate 00:43:42
Settings for SFX 00:44:47
Compression & Limiters 00:46:02
Sample Rates 00:47:19
Recording Ambiences 00:49:33
Ambiences with X/Y Mic 00:51:28
Ambiences with M/S Mic 00:52:36
X/Y – M/S – H2N Contrasted 00:55:13
Multiple Microphone Recording – Train 00:55:36
Recording Ambiences in 5.1 00:59:10
SFX Layering With a Keyboard 00:59:58
Wrap Up 01:09:21
Chapter 7: Basic Crunching of SFX (1hr 20m)

This chapter deal exclusively with the beginning theories and practices of turning ordinary sound effects into cinematic works of punchy, groovy and exciting art.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:08
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” Review 00:01:15
Simple EQ 00:06:13
Pitch Shifting 00:28:50
Doppler 00:38:32
Distortion 00:43:55
– Bit Crushers 00:51:29
– Guitar Amp Convolutions 00:52:49
Harmonic Enhancement – With Zynaptiq Morph 00:53:32
Harmonic Enhancement – With MC Transformer 00:54:28
Harmonic Enhancement – With Waves Lo-Air 00:55:14
Harmonic Enhancement Speedboat Example 00:55:53
Harmonic Enhancement with Zynaptiq Unfilter 00:58:44
Harmonic Enhancement Mortorcycle Example 01:00:04
Flanging Effects – Things Moving Away 01:02:22
Stereo Expansion 01:08:50
Wrap Up 01:19:23
Chapter 8: Advanced Crunching of Recorded SFX (1hr 4m)

This chapter comprises the advanced knowledge and use of Adobe and iZotope plugins to completely transform a recording into something more useful in cinema.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
The Sound Cube – Positioning Sound in a Mix 00:00:37
Notch EQ 00:04:51
Side Chaining Plugins 00:12:16
Resynthesis of Sound Effects 00:23:07
Spectral Casting 00:26:26
Advanced Resynthesis 00:30:38
Vocoder Effects 00:40:12
Crunching Whisper Effects 00:45:46
Processing Finger Hits 00:50:23
Pig Squeal Into Monster 00:55:52
Burp Into Kaiju 01:00:02
Wrap Up 01:02:57
Chapter 9: Misusing Software for the Best Results (47m)

This fun chapter shows us how to misuse software to create untold riches of sound scapes and effects from ordinary recordings.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
Spectral Drawing using Adobe Audition and iZotope RX 00:01:00
Denoise 00:13:45
Adding More Crunching to a Denoise Crunch 00:17:34
Denoise Mashup 00:19:49
Spectral Repair 00:23:08
Deconstruct Crunch 00:28:09
Deconstruct Crunch with the Truck 00:30:38
Full Mashup for Best Results 00:32:34
Full Mashup with the Truck 00:37:30
Full Mashup with an Ambience 00:42:06
Mashup in Adobe Audition 00:45:47
Wrap Up 00:46:49
Chapter 10: The Art of Layering SFX (1hr 16m)

This critical chapter shows us a few examples of the importance of layering sound effects and how to best do it by using the best parts of each layer to support the whole. It also deals with the exporting of sound effects.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
Layering for Punches 00:00:50
Layering for Spaceships 00:19:54
Layering for Guns 00:48:11
Layering for Explosions 00:58:31
Exporting Layered Sound Effects 01:04:07
Sound Effects Insertion and Editing (Donuts) 01:07:13
Wrap Up 01:15:53
Chapter 11: Ambiences (1hr 25m)

This chapter covers everything needed to understand how to use, layer, manipulate, edit and manage ambiences. All five of the example videos have their ambiences cut in during the last portion of this chapter.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
“Master and Commander” Review 00:31:00
Ambiences Theory and Application 00:01:54
Different Kinds of Ambiences 00:05:17
Dealing with Mono Ambiences 00:17:58
Using Plugins for Stereo Enhancement and Mono Compatibility 00:18:58
Solving Mono Ambiences with Editing 00:23:04
Stereo Ambiences to Surround Ambiences 00:26:47
Layering Ambiences 00:38:05
EQing Ambiences 00:41:16
Inserting Ambiences (Action Scene) (Factory/industrial) 00:44:32
Inserting Ambiences (ENG Scene) (Human/Suburban) 00:58:52
Inserting Ambiences (Macbeth Scene) (room and panning) 01:02:04
Inserting Ambiences (Donuts Scene) (Car ambiences) 01:08:21
Inserting Ambiences (Beach) (Birds, surf, balancing room tone) 01:19:26
Wrap Up 01:24:05
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